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Re: Newbie bowel cleanser - day 1 by grits ..... Bowel Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   1/18/2003 9:43:11 AM ( 19 years ago ago)
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I have been drinking 2-3 b&p shakes a day whenever I have time. I mix 1 Tablespoon of liquid Bentonite with 1 Teaspoon of psyllium husk powder and water. Then, I add a little bit of juice to make it taste better. There has been alot of debate on juice or water, but I HATE the taste with water alone, so I conpromise. It doesn't take alot of juice, maybe 1/4 cup, to make it taste much better. I have not altered my diet very much at all. I do seem to eat a little bit less. Don't have the cravings for carbs like I usually do! SHOULD alter it more, just haven't yet. I usually drink 2 shakes in the afternoon and evening, after work, several hours apart. I usually drink 3 on the weekend days. I am sure that this is not the IDEAL way to do a cleanse, but it works for me. I have seen results with it, and I am able to stick to it. I know that if I made drastic changes, like the ones you described, I would quit, probably the first day. Also, drink LOTS of water. I try to sip water throughout the day, and then drink 1-2 cups with each shake. I probably should drink more, but I think that I am drinking close to 100 ounces a day.

I just think the best thing we can do is read as much as we can find, then do the best we can. I know that additional stress from trying to stick to a demanding diet plan or shake schedule, would only cause me additional stress right now. I think that stress would take away any benefit I would see. Just my opinion. Just do the best you can and keep it up.

Good Luck!!


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