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Re: Sorry, but I think it's all bollocks. by Sky2003 ..... Candida Debate Forum

Date:   12/14/2008 2:46:28 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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I like your post. I think it makes you open your mind up to all the possibilities.
I have no doubt that many people misdiagnose themselves with candida all the time. Many people relate to the symptoms and think wow thats what I have without actually checking.

I had candida - I was tested by a doctor and by the Candia5 blood test. I spent years using antifungals on rotation, nystatin, garlic, grapeseed, caprylic acid (boy that tasted great :), Bentonite (which we use for work in construction so thats interesting) and many other things such as olive leaf and paudeaco (spelling?). I then used different types of probiotics such as sporanges which are meant to break through the stomach and actually get to the intestines - unlike most probiotics. I did this for years and then decided to do a retest, I was free of candida. So how long did I actually spend all this money on all these products and I was actually ok.

I went years without candida symptoms and allergy free and on one two week spree of champagne, ciders and many other yeasty products I believe I have it again but before I go taking everything I will take the time to once again get a blood test in case what I am feeling is in fact something totally different.

Its funny though how we all want a cure, we all want to think we are broken so we dont have to take responsibility and really think about why it is we are feeling unwell. If we just take the time to look after ourselves, eat a variety of healthy foods and have lots of rest our bodies are capable of healing themselves, but we dont, we look for the quick fix.

So I dont think the forum or diet is a farse, I just think so many people assume because they match the symptoms it must be that and I think your post may make some realise just that and actually go get tested before assuming they have candida.

Its amazing how much those antifungals add up over the years.

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