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Re: MMS for Heavy Metal detox & Zeolite by livegr8 ..... Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Forum

Date:   8/31/2008 11:52:51 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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I used Waiora's NCD for heavy metal detox for 8 months (mercury, lead, cadmium). The last month I only did Miracle-Mineral-Supplement and it worked just as well (I had been tested at 8 months too and at the end). I am still taking 6 drops/day of Zeolite for maintenance and also Miracle-Mineral-Supplement , but not consistent with the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement .

My practitioner said I was low in minerals so recommended Concentrace, I took that for a while then switched to 10-20g per day (1-2 scoops) of URI's "The Feast" to up my good minerals and that tested to work also.

One of the interviews with Jim Humble mentions someone who was successful with mercury detox in just a week or two on MMS. I personally think MMS is 'stronger' and quicker than Zeolites.

While I used Waiora's Zeolites and they worked fine (the only side effect would be constipation if you don't drink enough water and fuzzy head if you start detoxing too fast, in which case just cut back on the dosage), I would HIGHLY recommend the zeolite/humic sold by Dr. Bill Deagle at Once I run out of Waiora's, I will be getting those next. It is simply a better thought-out product that should be more effective and safer for the body than powdered zeolite or Waiora's NCD.

Dr. Deagle also recommends the Lectrochi foot bath. I don't have one YET!

I am also helping a miner of 40-years who has so far started detoxing with mostly MMS. He has splotches on his skin and shaking hands (I think Mercury and lead are his main problems, but we have yet to get him tested properly.) Most of his shaking hands stopped shaking in just 4 days on MMS at 3 drops 2x/day. He also noticed other things working better in his body.

I would recommend listening to audios in the Learning section and Archives at
You will find many on detoxing.

For testing, I would suggest listening to 051607Hr1 IMMUNOSCIENCES Toxic Immune Labs Tests on the 2007 Archives page at > Learning

Dr Aristo Vojdani of
has the MOST comprehensive testing which might help get to root of your sciatica problem. You will need to have a health practitioner order the tests. Dr. Deagle can serve as a consultant also if you like. Listen to any of Deagle's audios or catch his radio show and you will be impressed. (Sorry I am an unabashed cheerleader of his!)


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