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Re: A Great Tip for BadBreath! Clean out those tonsil stones! by zen101 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   8/28/2008 2:07:07 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Yes makes sense, since before when I would take a first bite of food like fruit, I would get an intense uncomfortable feeling like as if I just sucked on a lemon coming from my salivary glands. I was reading today that people who get an uncomfortable swelling from their salivary glands when eating get this due to a blockage in the ducts. And I know for sure I definitely had those stones blocking my ducts.

Today I tried massaging the area, I found a very tiny soft white piece but that was it. But lots of saliva coming out, at least i know they are working fine. But this saliva coming freshly out of my ducts smells so strong. My saliva smells just how my bb smells. Every morning I wake up with a heavy taste/ smell in the back of my mouth.

I think gargling with water/peroxide works the best so far in getting the odor out. I also try using the waterpik with it and hitting the holes. I read somewhere this lady used a very slim needless syringe and she would stick it deep in the holes and use a saline mixture. SHe said when she did this 30 stones came out of one hole and since then she hasnt had bb. But yeah Im thinking about trying to find such a slim syringe and try that method of flushing them. When I used the waterpik I often get a pain when I put it in the hole because of the constant waterflow, but it did help to really flush it out and get some stones out.

But I will say..since those stones have come out, my ducts arent as clogged as before, thus no longer noticing a sour pain when first eating something. My bb was really bad and strong before, when I never really thought about tonsil area cleansing. But now, I'd say it has improved, and especially after gargling with peroxide in that area ..right afterwards it is a big improvement. But I still always wake up with a heavy taste/smell in the back of my mouth, my saliva coming out of my ducts smells bad just like those stones. What seems to help alot is good hygiene in that area. Goodluck to us all.

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