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Talk about Mayo Clinic... by gunnerrat ..... Colloidal Silver Forum

Date:   7/22/2008 10:29:52 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Several years ago I went to Mayo as part of my job (I wasn't sick, at least when I arrived there I wasn't...)

I was doing computer work for 2 days and was well away from patients. When I left I had a nasty infection that went straight to my lungs that took over a week to clear out using lemon essential oil (hadn't heard of CS at that time). When I mentioned it later to the people that worked at Mayo they weren't surprised - bad bugs circulate at hospitals like Mayo all the time. The disinfectants they use create nastier bugs. People have actually died of these nasty infections they acquired at the hospital - not of what they came there to get treatment for in the first place. And these are the places you go to get well!

So you'll excuse me if I'm skeptical, even of big names like Mayo (and I know a thing or two on how they run things there...). Don't be so enamored of impressive-sounding names.

Check out CS before you put it down. It actually saved my wife a trip to the hospital recently. That alone more than paid for the Silver Puppy I bought. I'm totally sold on it. Anything that keeps me and my family out of the hospital is a good thing.

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