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Re: In case you missed it: What chemtrails are by a chemtrail insider by Zoebess ..... Chemtrails Debate Forum

Date:   7/16/2008 6:51:51 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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How old are you?? Do you realize how strange this
sounds for you to drag some editorial opinion and
somehow apply this to the topic of chemtrails and
what?? that our IQs could not possibly render us
capable of discerning if we are being sprayed like
vermin?? Or, is it that we cannot understand the
question?? What exactly is your problem. Frankly,
I find it puzzling with your background in medicine
that you would frequent an alternative health site
which offers forums for discussing our experiences
and efforts to use alternative health to positively
impact our lives when all you want to focus on is
debate and do not contribute in a positive way to
the *furthering* of alternative methods and the
atmosphere which endorses and validates them.

About your idea that it would be a good idea to
"send us back where we came from" because what??
We are not intellectually able to contribute to
Curezone discussions??

You do not know certainly do not know my
IQ and my scholastic history or anything about my
potential. I will share that an IQ number does not
matter to me. I am surprised that you even care ;P

I doubt it matters to many you will meet here
who could care little to less if you feel they have
the mental capacity to even understand the issues
we are discussing in the chemtrail forum and how
chemtrails may impact their lives whether they are
aware of them, or not.

As far as admonishing others to further their
education so they do not believe everything they
read on the internet....that is really amusing
as when my own daughter went to college, I prepared
her by reminding her NOT to believe everything she
read in books. So you see, it is a toss-up, and
chances are, what anyone has to say is not the complete
truth, and also, not completely untrue either. Jeez,
I hope you are smart enough to see that...ggg.

Hang in there. I'm looking forward to seeing more
folks hang out in the chemtrail support forum~~~


where the flow of conversation and sharing is safe
in a forum solely set up for those of us who have
no problem with accepting the overload of info online
which suggests that chemtrails are being used to
covertly affect humans and the weather.

Good luck with attracting others who support your
view. In the months and years ahead, the government
will be less and less able to keep their efforts
under wraps and people will show up in greater numbers
to demand the truth of what is happening.

be well,



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