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Upcoming Scientific Research on BO by mpdela ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   6/23/2008 8:28:59 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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In case some of you were not able to attend the conference call, here are some of the things we discussed regarding why I am now assuming an active role in assisting Arun with his research to find solutions to Body Odor .

As Arun pointed out, there are many causes to the various Body Odor s, even in each sufferer, and there are differences from one sufferer to another in causes and in symptoms. So what works for one, may not necessarily work for another sufferer. And maybe one remedy reduces the odor but doesn't completely eliminate it, so then the sufferer may have to use another remedy to address another cause of odor.

Thankfully, Arun would like to do as much research as our very limited budget allows (actually, there is no budget for him to work with). This is a problem that maybe we can address in the blog down the road if we get enough support.

Arun would like to approach his research in two fronts, the first being to test products and document its effects on the various types of causes and symptoms of Body Odor . This is where we come in. The second front of this research will be to examine sufferers who would need to be physically available for his studies. Before taking this second step, he will be asking of all sufferers to answer a questionnaire that is in its finals stages of being drawn up. My blog indicates that we have had visitors from 29 different countries, which would hopefully give us a good representation of various groups of peoples that might have common factors or different factors than other groups. The response we give in this questionnaire will assist Arun in directing the course of his study.

Since I am new in this job assisting Arun, I'm going to need a few days to feel my way around, and I'm going to start the 'Testing products' aspect of this effort. If anyone can help me with ideas or with guidance in the technical aspect of this effort, I would truly appreciate it :)

I will be updating you as I go along, so that we can all prepare mentally to be best able to provide as much information as we deem relevant and important.

I've very excited to work with you in this endeavor! We're going to do this, folks. We are the pioneer as united sufferers in this mission. Let's do it for ourselves and for our future generations!



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