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Re: has anyone been cured yet? know anyone? by #93809 ..... Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Forum

Date:   4/19/2008 2:19:00 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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So sorry about your situation with you and your friend ~ but dear seeker, there are MANY solutions and resolutions for you. Did you know that? And you will find them, do you know why? Because you seek them ~ so take a moment and exhale.

There is no disease that's a death sentence and HIV isn't one either. The media and all the other fear outlets builds and creates fear and drama so we can depend on pharma as the wizard of oz...there are natural remedies that will allow you both to take your lives back, however, your mind has to rev up to the occasion of healing the body ~ and so you will. This is your journey and as you learn to own it, you'll learn to disown your health conditions.

I would not recommend IV Miracle-Mineral-Supplement but that's just a personal point of view. There are a multitude of ways to approaching this and I believe you're on the right path, so things will look a lot more hopeful as you find MANY modalities like a treasure trove just waiting for you to try, taste and eat of their goodness. Even with traditional medicine they don't always get things right the first time, to say the least,

I've been on Miracle-Mineral-Supplement going into my 3rd week and it has without a doubt helped with a terribly swollen bursa which graduated just recently as a wonderful bonus with additional pain travelling down my arm (over a year)along with a swollen lymph node on my neck the size of a large peanut. The shoulder pain began to decrease in about two days (it's the truth) and the lymph node on my neck? After two weeks it's down to the size of a pea! I'm still shocked and there is no other word less to describe it's power and my reaction! LOL

As you've become aware, I'm sure, if people talk about diarrhea and disease on these sites, we're here to tell it like it is. Miracle-Mineral-Supplement ~ It works and it will work for BOTH of you!

Today is the 4th time I went to the gym in 3 weeks using my (bad?)arm which has been immobile practically for a year AND as far as treatments, you name the therapy for the arm including pharma pain killers, I've done them all and at great expense.

I thought GEEZ, what the hell am I going to do without a functioning arm and NOW the damn pain is TRAVELLING! Well, after praying and meditating, I was led here. Like you, perhaps, and that is just the beginning. Read, research and try what you feel is right for you and take authority over your decisions to make an environment conducive to healing ~ and you will be healed. This isn't magic, it's spiritual, it's brain power, common sense and testosterone to carry out the work.And you have them all so there is NOTHING HOLDING BACK YOUR RIGHT TO BE HEALED!

MMS has been the ONLY new thing I've tried. Diet, spirituality, self-introspection, and all around goodness and random acts of kindness are part of ANY ill person's tools to get the disease ~ dis-assembled and carry on with the work you came here to do to fulfill your destiny on earth.

Take a breath, take heart! YOU HAVE TIME! PLENTY OF IT AT THAT! Don't overdo the MMS gradually build up to and DON'T become impatient! If you do you might never have found this site, so it's a lesson to all of us NEVER GIVE UP.

Get FED UP (sometimes) but don't GIVE UP! SMILE and rejoice, you have the rest of your lives ahead of you with laughter, strength and health to share and pass along the results of your journey.

Why not start a journal? Be creative, it's one of the best things to do when between a rock and quicksand. Trust me on this one! YOU'LL SEE! :)


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