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Re: Liver Flushing Cured my Acne 100%--Did it cure yours? by #70942 ..... Acne Forum

Date:   4/19/2008 1:40:56 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Sounds like you have a pretty good diet. Its worth going to a clinic that can test for allergies and intolerances. This helped me a lot, for instance - I have an intolerance to citris fruits, I didn't know till after i had the test but it was one of the reasons I would get stomach problems, same with tomatoes, onions and ofcoarse dairy. I would however like to see how I would go with raw but its hard to get a hold of here. For me though, candida had a big influence on my skin, after getting it under control I noticed my skin was far less oily; the blackheads on the t-zone are virtually gone and I dont have a craving for sweats like I used too. Eating coconut oil also really helps, it helps kill off candida, helps my thyroid and gives me lots of energy. I do still eat junk but far far less of it. I eat big plates full of lightly steamed vegies (LOTS of brocoli) every night and salad's for lunch. I too try to just have rice if I need the extra energy but sometimes I eat oats when I've had an exhausting day. I have an apple for breakfast as well as some other fruit but always an apple at least. I know fruit may aggravate ppl's acne, but once I got my canddia under control it did not seem to be a problem for me. oh yeah, I eat loads of free range chicken (oh boy do I eat a lot) as well as lean red meat. I'll have salmon occasionlly but try limiting it because of the whole mercury thing. I supplement with high quality omega 3's and natural vitamin E (not the synthetic stuff). For me vegetable oils seem to make my skin worse, even flax cold press organic; they must oxidise in me somehow but I get oily skin when I have them. Coconut oil seems to be the only plant oil that my body tolerates (probably cause its mostly saturated fat which cant oxidise). I still occasionally get bad skin for reasons yet unknown to me, I know If I dont get enough sleep, sunlight and exercise my skin gets bad again. I think one of the biggest things is just forgetting about my skin, when I do - my skin seems to vastly improve. I strongly believe that our thoughts play a major role in our health but it can be one of the hardest things to overcome. I'm about to begin study in a bachelor of health Science (naturopathy); I cant wait, its a 4 year course full time but I'm doing it part time so it will take a while longer. Anyways, I can only speak from experience and everyone's is different; perhaps you just have to think for yourself whether doing certain protocols feels right for you. Best wishes to everyone.


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