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Re: Non-Homogenized Milk a depression cure!? Update- working for me! by #65077 ..... Depression Forum

Date:   4/16/2008 10:39:26 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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I have been really doing good on the milk(since I started about 1 month ago),but I saw results as soon a two days! since I first started. Now I try to drink at least 2 to 3 glassfuls of non-homogenized whole warm milk every day with some honey in it. I've reduced solid food some what to balance out the extra nutrition from the milk.

I feel 'whole milk' is really important! I'm sure most of us up here on curezone know that all the fuss about fats making you fat is 'deliberate misinformation' These good fats in the whole milk (just like flax and fish oil) heal your Central Nervous System -CNS(Brain+Spine+Nerves)

I've also added frozen orange juice (diluted of course) 2 glassfuls per day which seems have really improved my digestion and got rid of the constipation.

Besides getting a lot of sun, especially on the neck and spine areas--think CNS
and fresh air.

I'm also taking:
12000mg of St. John's wort (2 capsules per day).
Some ginger+garlic cloves crushed and mixed in a glassful of home made buttermilk(yoghurt+water)
This seems to be helping, quite a bit too.

Note: I highly recommend garlic+buttermilk if you haven't tried it before. You should see some quick results! even within an hour but you have to do this everyday possibly till you are out of this condition.

But overall just the milk+ sun + air combination seems to have got me out of the depressed state!

I've also read a testimony of a person that saw great results! for Depression using raw milk. I'll post a link to that story when I find it.

You might find these following links about "Raw Milk" helpful.


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