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Re: Jesus Bible questions by mh ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   3/31/2008 6:30:02 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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This has been talked about everytime this forum slows down.

The new testament was put into history by the pope and then later was put on paper by another pope. This started the first church or as the book of revelations states, the first whore to sleep with the government.

One great Pastor who was a high up Free Mason exposed the history many/many years ago that Jesus was the Popes remake of APPOLUS (Paul) and a man named Jesus never existed and even to the point that No man/woman used in the Bible with the exception of maybe Elijah truely ever lived in the manner that the Bible states. If anything these names were famous and used to describe a story.

The Majority of the Bible is a Human Health Book and at the end, a story of the earth cycle/rocks/destruction.

The story is repeated many times over using differant locations and differant people, yet the same story. Created from all the materials the pope robbed from temples and libraries around the world when his roman army murdered over 70 million men world wide and enslaved all the women and children we call the dark ages, which we are currently in full tilt with the current UN doing the same under the power of the popes.

The Bible was composed from approx. 300 MONKS, PAUL was a MONK, so your entire BIBLE is a MONK BOOK. Many of the POPES were MONKS, all those OLD FANCY CATHOLIC CHURCHES were operated by MONKS.

Every religion on this planet that used a SAVIOR for our sins is a POPE created religion, basically over 2,000+ such religions today.

Your Jesus/Paul stories state all humans are EQUAL, but your popes like the slave system better and they love that 10% donation so well, that if you dn't pay, they simple refer to it as TAX.

Please read Branham's 7 church ages for another veiw,books written by Hotema and also read your Bible 3X consectivly 10 pages per night and then you can have an interesting conversation with any pastor and don't be surprised that your pastors agree with what you have to say and admit they are just doing a job and if they don't lie in that job, then they will be fired.



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