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mirena removed after 3 weeks by hlymonstr ..... Mirena, Skyla IUD Forum

Date:   3/24/2008 12:24:25 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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I had my mirena placed march 5,2008. I take meds that make the pill less effective and mirena iud was suggested as a possible solution to the pill situation. Insertion was more painfull than having my son! Granted I had an epideral when he was born but I am telling you they should give women some sort of pain relife for this procedure. A root canal is less painfull. The cramping or "CONTRACTIONS" lasted much of the day< night< and into the next day! Over the next three weeks things whent from bad to worse! The cramping that was very much like moderate "contractions" would come and go mostly at night. I had NO energy. I fought with my husband for no reason, yelled at my son for little things and I just thought I was a bit under the weather or a little depressed. The pain in my back and hip along with the migrains everyday followed shortly after! After three weeks I looked at my husband and told him that this thing is killing me! Last Friday I lived through 6 hours of unbearable cramping, followed by a trip to the er the next day to have it removed. I was shocked to hear how many of the female medical staff at the er had either had long term problems with mirena or had them removed shortly after insertion. One lady said she had hers removed after one week! After 3 weeks I have gained 5 lbs, had migraines, cramping, fatigue, mood swings, and lets just forget about the reason that I had it placed because birth control has been a no issue. Now one day 2 post removal I am bleeding so badly that I am having to run to the restroom every 30-45 minutes, I am so cramped that I can hardly move and I had to call in sick to work today! My Dr. office said this is all NORMAL! NORMAL MY BIG WHITE BUTT. If my OBGYN was sitting at home with this kind of pain I can tell you he wouldn't call it "NORMAL". On the bright side I woke up without a headache hopefully in a few weeks I will be normal again! I think someone seriously need to sue the drug companies for what they are doing to us. I paid 295 dollars for three weeks! They are getting rich off of our pain and suffering!

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