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--Yeast infections--Why! by moreless ..... Ask Moreless: pH Balance

Date:   6/2/2006 4:46:46 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I have posted several posts in the Candida forum about this subject in the beginning of my posts!

In the Natural cycles of Life you have Bacteria which create Acids and you have their counter part, the Fungi and Yeast which come in to the condition when the Bacteria have done their job of Creating Acids, but the condition has become TOO Acidic, and the Bacteria stop working, and the Fungi and Yeast come in and try to Raise the pH of the Media, so that the Bacteria may start doing their job again!

For when the Digestive flora in your Digestive system stop working, you will Die if this condition is not corrected, because they are what help Create the Electrical Energy Release to power your body!

Because without the Yeast and Fungi to Correct an over Acidic condition, Life would "STOP" existing and instead of Organic matter being formed to feed new Life, everything would turn into a Hydrocarbon!

So if you remove the reason for the need of the Fungi and Yeast, then they may not be needed and they may not cause you any problem!

The purpose of the Fungi and Yeast is to Raise the pH of the condition which is in question which has become too Acidic to allow the Bacteria to continue to do their job!

So to "STOP" problems of Yeast problems in the body of "ANY" kind, all you need to do is to Change your Diet so that your body has enough Alkaline Minerals and thus recive enough "OXYGEN" and this may "STOP" any problem of having the Yeast problem in the first place!

What you need to do to solve your problem is to learn what foods you are eating which may be causing your body to become too Acidic in the first place and "STOP" eating these foods!

Then to replace those foods with foods which may help raise your pH , so that your whole body may be Healthy!

You may want to review what other people are doing which has been helping them raise their pH so that they are solving some of their problems!

As everything is all about the Acid Alkaline pH Balancing Principles!

As we get more organized, Invincible is going to try to arrange to index info about all of this info for easier locating, but this is not in place yet, so you may need to do a little more searching through past post!

If you may read the -R- posts first, it may help you to start to learn?

Also Invincible has a Blog which she has organized much info about how to Alkalize the body, which you may want to read?

Smile Tis your choice.

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