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My research for THOSE WHO WANT IT. by #64643 ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   2/21/2008 7:44:00 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Initially it started when i read that some people on here have Sugar cravings/bread such as myself. I made a connection and came to the conclusion that we have high levels of insulin. Thats only the tip of the iceberg. Because of the chronic inflammation of the lips, i've researched this causes insulin resistance. Let me explain insulin resistance. Our pancreases is over producing insulin to protect our lips. Insulin isn't only used for energy, it contributes to wound healing. Now it gets complex. Read on if you want.

What is growing the skin on our lips is called keratinocytes/dermal fibroblasts. Because the inflammation of our lips they are now insulin resistant. Because the lips(keratinocytes) have been exposed to insulin so much they have become insulin resistant.The pancreas is producing higher levels of insulin along with something called IGF-1(insulin growth factor). This IGF-1 is the culprit.

-it encourages keratinocytes to increase
-over expression of IGF-1 results in epidermal hyperthickening
-IGF-1 increases after epidermal(outer skin) injury
-IGF-1 system is used by the keratinocytes in the skin
-Lack of insulin resistant cells(keratinocytes), reduced insulin and IGF-1 induced proliferation(cell growing),
-insulin resistant cells can't control insulin levels and IGF-1.
-IGF-1 responsible for hyperplasia.

If you understood all the above, the resolution in short would be reduce insulin. I divided that into three parts. Reduce insulin in basic, reduce insulin resistant cells and reduce IGF-1. The sugar/bread cravings(carbs) happen because of the pancreas overproducing insulin and it needs glucose(which comes from carbs/sugar) to work. I don't know how it would show on a blood test, i'm just bringing what i've learnt.

Now so far I(that means me) have come up with several earlier schemes to rid us of this. I don't think i failed in that, but never touched this side. I carried on and googled stuff that reduce insulin resistant cells and IGF-1, along with insulin as a whole. SO far... what i've found is Lycopene(found in tomatoes) and omega-3 oils. That is only to reduce. Searching to regulate my pancreas, which is overproducing insulin... i've found digestive enzymes are prescribed for this. Regarding high insulin levels, the body demands high glucose levels. The only way to lower both is stop eating Sugar and try a low carb diet. The inflammation is the cause, so no licking of the lips ever.

Now i've had Ex cheilitis for years and even now i'm thinking go to the nearest market and buy some pure tomatoe juice and smear on my lips. I probably will. But that won't stop whats going on inside of my body fueling this. Every Liver Flush and diet approach is highly credible, since i've found this out. A healthy liver produced bile, which will do what the digestive enzymes do and that is regulate the pancreas. Every candida approach is credible. Every thing posted on this forum is credible. I think i have found the source. Easier said than done though.

-Taking care of the lips
-Taking care of the pancreas
-Taking care of your body

Every lick of your lips will put you back in a hole. Every time you forced the skin off you put yourself back in a whole. This all contributed to your pancreas acting up. Knowone can tell me, Exfoliative Cheilitis can't be cured. Some cures worked because their body was in a different state. When i first got this i would of never licked my lips, stayed away from carbs/sugar and controlled the inflammation. But i was 7 years old and didn't know anything. If you have understood this post, i'm not telling you to do anything, thats entirely your choice. I posted my master plan and i don't think that was wrong but compared to this it never touched the surface, maybe that approach was to "quick" or for basic peeling lips. I've said earlier i had stomach problems and i used digestive enzymes to temporarily resolve those. I'm aware of the hazards. Going on a diet, i'll make sure i'll research the dangers and along with supplements. Digestive enzymes are only temporary, i am still looking for another source to balance pancreas functioning.

If you did read through this whole post, i hope it helps you as it will help me. I am going to have to be disciplined to conquer this. Every cure on this forum is correct but i think i've found the source. I've even thought about Water Fast but that is dangerous. Cleanses are very understandable. I won't list what i will do, like normally, if you read, then you'll know what i'll be attempting. Everything in this thread is true, i have saved the links in my bookmarks. Thanks to every poster for helping us come this far.

God bless, peace.


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