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Re: What's stopping you from having what you want? (Valentine's day special) by NMHottie ..... Law of Attraction Forum: The Secret

Date:   2/14/2008 1:50:19 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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I agree w/much of what you've posted here. However, do we ALWAYS know what is best for ourselves? Many times in my life, I've wanted that which was not good for me. A drug addict wants to manifest another hit. Do you see what I mean?

I believe that before one gets into serious manifesting techniques they need to connect w/ their source and really decide is the new car, house, material object REALLY going to bring the happiness they want?

I see so much emphasis on manifesting material possessions rather than manifesting more love, joy, peace, serenity.

Is this what God wants? Did ANY of the Master teachers he sent us show us this path or way? Were any of them rich w/ material possessions?

I'm not begrudging anyone "things." We live in a material world. If someone handed me a pink Cadillac today, it would give me some joy. However, happiness comes from within.. whereas it can be affected by outer circumstances, one can be incredibly unhappy w/ a lot of things. Look at Britney Spears as just one example. The Mercedes, mega bucks, beautiful homes, is not making this young woman happy. So, what is the REAL Secret?

The Secret is really no secret at all. We DO attract things into our lives by what we focus our thoughts and intentions on. Life is short. Why focus all that energy and intention on material objects. Manifest more peace, love, and joy. ; )

Just a reminder and thought.



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