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Re: healers who share by #90396 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   2/8/2008 9:01:52 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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well I am sure there are many people desperate & open minded enough who will pay for it, I don't know of any free trial offers anywhere, unless you want to be a guinea pig for big pharma.. i don't think it's a matter of being more infected or less infected...the particular pathogen that shows up would be counteracted whether it's occurs in small numbers or big numbers. so you believe it works but have yet to see it work? as far as I know there's not anything like these, they are only similiar to homeopathy. are you referring to QX SCIO? homeopathy? oh btw, emoto won't subject his crystals to double blind studies so there's no way to prove that what he's doing is not biased. some rich guy offered him a million if he did. he's also kinda not a real scientist but hey it's pretty. i don't know of anything that's worked it's so all over the place for candida..ive seen so much conflicting info about raw foods ie: we can't digest raw foods well, break down the cellulose for nutrients ie: study came out that cooked foods yielded higher nutrition content ie: it's too cold/yin & gets the body out of balance, candida too is yin, alkaline ie: if the body couldn't stay alkaline then we would die, ie: the ph balance varies throughout the body and don't mess with ph anyway Colloidal Silver ie: it kills good bacteria and the like. There is a woman who treats candidiasis by having her clients eat sourdough bread, homemade beer & wine and moldy cheese!! another guy says he has treated it by having poeple eat nothing but high Sugar fruit for a couple weeks! I have no idea what actually works it's just so trial and error and different for everyone, but vibrations are universal so it seems teh margin for error would be infinitessimal or if they just don't have the vibration/remedy, and no homeopathic company or even QX scio has a catalog of vibrations like healers who share, they are constantly researching/working on stuff if you follow their site. there's nothing like them. they've researched thousands of vibrations so if you haven't seen something like this work it is bc they didn't have/you didn't use the right vibration! but you haven't ever seen anything like this and neither have i. I'm telling you the doctor said they have incredible success rates which I wish I could give to you now and when i find out i will share.

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