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I have had psoriasis for 14 years. I cut out Dairy, red meat, sugar, and fried foods. Within 2 weeks ... by SexyJewel ..... Psoriasis Support Forum

Date:   2/5/2008 3:50:55 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Yes this is true. I have had Psoriasis for 14 years. My medications recently stopped working for me and my new prescription was too expensive. Not having any insurance, I decided to go online and try every natural cure that sounded like it would work. I cut out Dairy, red meat, sugar, and fried foods. I started eating Fruits, Vegetables, lean meats and taking vitamins. I figured even if it didn't help my psoriasis, it sounded pretty healthy anyways.
I am an exotic dancer and had to quit dancing when my Psoriasis started appearing. It's not very attractive you know. Within 2 weeks of starting the diet my skin was clear enough to go back to work. It just slowly started disappearing. I was AMAZED! All these years of using these damaging and very expensive prescriptions and I could have just cured it naturally. I was amazed and a little mad at my dermatologists for not putting me on a diet all these years. I am a new believer in natural cures. I used to think that people who believed in curing illnesses naturally were just wishful thinking hippies. Now I know better. They don't want us to know the truth. There's no money in the truth.
I also discovered some other great things for Psoriasis in my searching. Emu Oil feels WONDERFUL! I bought a gallon of it online after trying it and is an EXCELLENT moisturizer AND alternative to aloe vera for a sunburn. It is now my only mousturizer.You can buy it in health product stores. I cannot praise this stuff enough! Also Dead Sea Salt baths are SUPER! I also scrub once a week with Aquafina salt scrub. I'd recommend this to anyone even without psoriasis.

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