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Last Post; Hopefully I Have Reached Someone. by cHUCK tURNER ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   2/4/2008 7:25:22 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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I Have to Say it's Simply Amazing How a Single Sentence from a Skeptical Individual Can Undermine the Light of Hope That Has Been There All Along.

Suit Yourself; Then. All I Am Saying is That Through Spiritual/Mental/Conscious Growth I Have Overcome This Condition. What I Am Saying is Through Structures of Ideas and Belief Systems You Literally Create Your Own Reality. I Have Laid Down My Story And Numerous Times I Have Given You the Details of My Condition. I Don't Know What I Am Saying Which Conflicts So Heavily With Your Beliefs. So Many are So Caught Up in The Hysteria of Finding "Physical Evidence" or a "Physical Cure". Ladies and Gentlemen, The "Cure" Is the Power of Your Own Conscious Mind.

If You Have Any Doubts; You're Not Going to Find Me Trying to Persuade You to Believe Otherwise. I Simply Don't Care; I've Posted Numerous Times in An Attempt to Shed Some Light on How I Overcame This Condition.

The Power is In Your Mind. Due To The Hysterical Nature Those with This Condition Exhibit; I Have no Doubt in My Mind That This Thread Will Once Again Be Dismissed. However, I Do Believe That Few Will Believe Me When I Say That Positive Thought Forms Improve This Condition to a Very High Degree; I Alone am Proof of That; As Are Many Who Left These Forums A Long Time Ago Because of Their Improvements. I Actively Stay in Touch With A Select Few of These Individuals; One In Particular is My Good Friend Adnan Who Resides in Bangladesh.

I Know I've Reached A Few Individuals. For Those Who Wish to Continue to Smear My Postings; Don't Even Bother Replying to This One. This Is Simply a Message of Inspiration For Those Who Are Willing; And I Hope That This Forum Will Someday Transfrom From The Clusterf**k of Hysteria That it Is To a Positive Support System and Inspiration to Those Who Have Let This Condition Control Their Lives in Every Aspect.

It's Time For You to Take Control; First You Must Know and Understand That This Condition May Have Been Given to You For a Reason; And Through the Probing of Your Conscious Mind You May Realize How Much You Have Accomplished and Learned Which You Would Have Otherwise Overseen. Once You Have Recognized This; Embrace This Condition and Simply Let Go. Acknowledge Why You Have it; Acknowledge What You Have Gained. Do Not Stress Over What You've "Lost". Reflect On Your Days of "Misery"; And View them As Your Days Leading Up to Enlightenment. EC Has Led Me Onto a Spiritual Path; and I Have Made Astronomical Leaps in My Faith and My Level of Awareness. I Am Thankful For This Condition For it Shaped me Into the Person I Am Today. I am Simply Ready to Let Go; I Am Now Aware that This Condition is No Longer Necessary in My Spiritual Development.

Now; Assuming That this Thread Will Be Blasted By Individuals Who Are Seeking a More "Conventional" Form of Treatment, I Simply Ask Those Who Are Open Minded to Think About The Many Ways You Have Been Blessed By This Condition. Have Faith That Through Positive Projection You Can and WILL Overcome This Condition. For Those who Want Some Sense of Direction or Someone to Speak To, I Would Be Delighted to Get to Know You on A Personal Level And Exchange Information Regarding This Matter. I Do Have "Before-After" Photos, If You Insist on Physical "Proof". You Will See How Significantly I Have Improved. Chikara_Desu@Hotmail.Com

Have Faith.

I Cannot Stress How Significant That Statement Has the Potential to Be.


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