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Re: Feeling very lonely, unappreciated by mellisamouse ..... Lonely Hearts Support Forum

Date:   1/23/2008 5:23:49 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I was also thinking the high IQ.....I have learned to mostly do knodding and smiling now, and giggling when something is funny, as to not make people feel stupid or inferrioir, (even though I NEVER intended to make them feel that way) When you are very intellectual, you can mistakingly assume everyone else is too, and it makes them feel belittled etc......that is where we may have a low EQ.....

It is a coping skill to be accepted in the "crowd" but I still yearn for friends that I can be myself around without them feeling insecure etc......those kind of people are soooooo fun, and sooooooo funny!

Another problem you may have, is you may be very attractive, and have no idea....apparently people don't like that too much in social situations. According to some of my friends ( I still don't see it myself, as my nerdy side see's beauty in everyone) this is one of my problems, so another coping skill I used for 3 years, was I gained weight, but that was just stupid,(it worked like a charm though) and unhealthy, so now that I have given up and lost the weight again, the same passive agressive stuff, and being left out started up again, so I am doing my best to wear baggier clothes, and play down myself as much as I was funny, the only place I ever fit in was the movie industry, and I still never clued in because I still can't see it...My aunt spent my whole life telling me I am hideous and ugly, and didn't want to be seen with me without make up on etc for so long I just still see the image she pounded in my head for so long.....the funny thing is, I have usually tried to include everyone, so they don't feel lonely too.

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