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Re: question about your post by Thomas Zudrell ..... Dorn Method Forum

Date:   9/25/2005 4:56:28 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Thanks for your mail. I can see that you are on your way. I will try to answer your questions and I also want to emphasize that all answers are already within yourself and actually only there. My answers are actually my way of seeing it only.
Why we ‘need’ sickness to grow? And how long we need it? Life is constantly changing it is never in a stand still isn’t it? Therefore we have to go with the flow of life. Life is also keeping everything in a balance that is a universal law. Is there an end? I do not know and I do not waist my energy on trying to understand things I can’t understand (at least at this time of my life). The way is the goal, once we reach our goal we realize that it is only the end of a part of the way and new paths are again opening in front of us.
There is also always more than one way and we have the freedom of choice. There may be a Universal plan for Life however the given possibility of choice allows us to be part of this wonderful creation quasi as co-creator.
Sickness is something we most certainly judge as ‘negative’ right? Something we want to change and life is all about change so ‘negative’ experiences are the driving force in life.
It makes us also see and experience what we ‘judge’ as good. You can’t know what light is without knowing the darkness.
Our development in this sense is literally step by step constantly going through trial and error and if we stop moving we start dying.
Not always we experience complete ‘cure’ of an ailment but still we can heal ourselves. Example: Someone may experience to be paralyzed after an accident and can only move using a wheelchair or worse. There might not be a change to this in this lifetime so does this mean that person can’t change things anymore? Does it mean that person is better dead? Think on what Christopher Reeves made out of his situation. The Moment someone accepts his present life situation with love and starts to move on rather than giving up the healing starts.
So we have always a choice how we want to go through our life: If we do everything in cooperation with “life” or nature and keep it in balance, always think positive, act with love towards all and live “health”-conscious chances are that we have few problems feel happy and content and live a live full of bliss.
If we violate this concept chances are that we suffer the consequences and a ‘repair’ might prove difficult or even ‘seems’ impossible. The choice is ours!
Some other things for you to think about: Are we beings who have a physical body that is the host of our soul (spirit, higher self) or are we beings who have a spiritual body that is the host of our physical appearance? Or something completely different than that?
Are we maybe just a by-product of evolution, kind of a coincidence of nature?
Are we part of this Universe or separate to it? If we are part of this Universe (creation) isn’t it than a fact that all and everything is connected?
I see life as game and I enjoy playing. I enjoy that I am able to choose which way the game goes and certain ‘unknown’ factors brings a moment of excitement into my game. As soon as I reach the goal I realize that I just have to roll the deice and a new game starts. Every game has ‘rules’ some can be ‘bended’ a little others are ‘fixed’.
The fixed rules I call ‘Spiritual Laws’ and I am working on a book about just that.
Hope you enjoy these thoughts of mine and find some helpful.
Looking forward for more ‘Inter-change’ in the future.
Thomas Zudrell



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