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Dorn Method, Back Pain Revolution by thomas zudrell ..... Dorn Method Forum

Date:   9/6/2005 5:18:57 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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The Dorn Method, a new revolutionary form of therapy for Back Pains and other Pain problems.
The Dorn Method a revolutionary new form of manual therapy for the cure of spinal disorders and other joint problems.
Please check it out:
A true Wholistic Healing Method because it combines 3 factors: The explanation of the causes of most spinal problems: Then you can avoid what you are possibly doing wrong!
A Wholistic, effective, gentle and totally safe Manual Therapy to re-align the Spinal column, correct different leg length, and misalignments in other joints.
And the teaching of Self Help Exercises for patient after care to enable the body to adjust to the newly corrected joints and achieve a long term success.
The Dorn Method is Not Chiropractic or comparable to any other form of Manual Therapy it is a completely new Method and probably the most effective yet safe Manual Therapy available today.

Chiropractic / DORN Therapy

Abrupt, fast corrections / Gentle, sensitive corrections
Correction in a static position / Correction in a dynamic (motion)
Surprises the muscles / Diverts the muscles’ attention
Very few repetitions possible / Numerous repetitions possible
Patient stays passive / Patient cooperates actively
Numerous contra-indications / Very few contra-indications
Some risk (if done incorrect) / Almost no risk
Long training period required / Very short training period
Pre-Knowledge required / No Pre-Knowledge required
Few explanations to patient / Detailed explanations to patient
No Self help exercises / Numerous follow-up Self Help exercises

It is definitely the treatment of choice for Back Pain and Migraine but it is also a must as complement to all other forms of therapy then only an aligned Spinal Column can distribute sufficient nerve impulses to the rest of the body.
The Dorn Method is a True Self Help Method that frees the patient from potential harmful medicines and unsafe forms of Spinal Manipulations.
It can be easy learned und understood by everyone even without medical knowledge.
Please contact me for further details on this revolutionary new DORN METHOD.
Thomas Zudrell



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