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--Plant Insects--Edited by moreless ..... Ask Moreless: pH Balance

Date:   12/4/2007 5:56:54 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hi ForZion,

Your question: Reply:The plants were rape and baby bok choy. When they had the aphid problem, the brix readings were 3-5. They were somewhatlush, green and growing. The plants were being chewed up by insects.I managed to get the brix on the ape up to 8-10. the bokchoy was 6-8. They didn't stay there very long, because my mother in law harvested the veggies soon after the brix were raised. They all got off on a slow start. All my seedlings struggled in the beginning until i started applying fish and molasses. I might have upt too much limestone, granite and gypsum and bonemeal? A wheelbarrow(4 cubic feet) of the mixture for each 20 by 2.5 bed(edit).

Answer: The 1st things a plant may take in easiest, which may 1st be released from the soil may be Nitrogen and Potassium !

The Phosphate and other Trace Minerals may not become available for use by the plant until later !

This is what generally happens as one is working with the soil and trying to bring the Life back into it for it to function Naturally !

Edit: And it may be that this Greater amount of Nitrogen & Potassium, may be what may Cause the Insect problems, which you are having ? end.

The Phosphates are needed to Cause the Brix to be higher in the plants and the Calciums are needed to cut the Acids, which adds to a better Flavor !

This is "WHY" I suggested using some DAP(18-46-0), to provide some Acid phosphate, which may be available to the plants upon entering the soil solution !

But the mix you were using works also, but maybe slower ?

An application to the soil of phosphate as Bonemeal does not mean that it will be available to the plants immediately, as the Soil Life needs to Digest it , unless the phosphate has been reacted with an Acid, either synthetic or the Acids from the Bacteria in the Soil !

And when the bacteria in the Soil Digest the phosphates, they may Blend them with many other Alkaline Minerals, which the plants need to be Healthy !

What you have is a condition whereas the Soil Life starts Releasing Nitrogen and Potassium to the plants in a ratio , which is Greater than what needed Phosphate are available at this time, thus the plants may have too much Nitrogen and Potassium unless one may come to understand what is taking place and learn to take action to correct the problem ?

The Fish and Molasses just make everything else work Better !

It may not be that you put too much on of other, just that it is still not Blended in the soil properly and not properly activated, but the fish and molasses may help solve this problem !

What Minerals we may apply to the soil may not change the condition of the soil "Until" they have become activated to Cause a release of Electro-magnetic Energy !

The Soil Bacteria Naturally may do this Process for us 24 hours a Day, if we learn to feed the soil life properly !

And Mulching is very Important in this case !

Smile Tis your choice.

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