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Re: More mite and acne talk. by ccollins32 ..... Acne Forum

Date:   11/27/2007 4:48:17 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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hi all

i've been following your chains closely, b/c i too suspect i might have these mites. i'll tell you a little bit about my background and maybe you can help with an analysis...

for the past few years, i've started to develop little white bumps that are like little ticking timebombs - they become cystic Acne and devolve into nasty red whiteheads over time. when i fall off the strict-diet wagon (sugar, wheat, dairy-free for the most part, 24/7), these bumps multiply like mad, mostly below the corners of my mouth and jaw line, some in the cheeks, and between my eyebrows. halloween and thanksgiving yielded some awful results.

during the past 1.5 years, i've done everything internally to clear up this persistant and unpredictable Acne - colonics (20+), Liver Flushes (25+), cleanses, juice fasts, food allergy testing, even magnets, air/shower/water filters, 99% organic, etc. nothing ever alleviated these bumps but one thing...

a few years ago, when i was naive about my Acne and still taking Antibiotics and differin/benzaclyn for it, i dropped $4000 on 8 months worth of laser treatments. once a month i'd get zapped in the face (quite painful) by a laser that was supposed to "shrink my pores/sebaceous glands" and therefore end all recurrences of acne. in actuality, what it did was cause each and every little white bump to eventually become enflamed, form a whitehead, and release a pussy white goo. over the course of 8 months, most of the white bumps were eliminated (i supposed the harsh electric shock killed the mites?) the good old fashioned way - eruption - but in only one month's time, a whole new rash of them appeared.

upon reflection, this must be b/c they are mites, yeah? what's worse is that now, for the first time in my life, i'm experiencing serious sores and dandruff on my scalp, over the past 6+ months. this is completely new, and along w/ the persistent white bumps, this must be mites, no?

i plan on buying a kiddie microscope and testing myself TONIGHT, but its worth noting that i've already done a cycle of ZZ cream for a month, w/ no obvious results. can anyone help diagnose my condition? is there a way to post some up-close photos of these "bumps" on this site?

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