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Re: More mite and acne talk. by Bythc ..... Acne Forum

Date:   11/17/2007 4:25:33 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I suspect its many things..weakened liver and organs and stress in life=weakened immunity=candida overgrowth and other internal parasites=more weakened immunity=feeling crappy and depression=MORE stress which continues breaking you down=perhaps all these factors feed the mites somehow, and that could be why stress and hormones break us out more, maybe the extra oil production from the stress hormones or just the stuff coming out feeds the mites or they react to it somehow..

Goldenseal tea does wonders for the liver, vitimin Bs for the stress, and when all else fails do some laughing yoga. Feng Shui your enviroment, exercise, and rest.

...I feel dumb asking this, but is there some kind of demodex pet shampoo I could use on myself? lol I bet pet stuff would be cheaper but I dont want to ruin my hair.

The best pet shampoo for people(my opinion) and pet is EQyss micro tex shampoo and mega-tek equine rebuilder, both are ok for human use. The conditioner is recomended for rebuilding cancer victims hair. The shampoo and conditioner can both be used on your skin. The cost is around twenty bucks each, but this would last a long time. I wash two horses, three dogs and myself with this stuff and it still last a couple of months.

The conditioner applied straight to the zit and left on could clear it up, I used this stuff to get rid of some pretty nasty skin problems on my dogs and most recently myself. Hope some of this helps.


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