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Re: They know not what they do. by fledgling ..... Ask Humaworm: Parasites

Date:   11/11/2007 5:40:43 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I like to think that there are old doctors out there...and that their advice would be truer, more sound than any young whipper-snapper's.

But, I don't think doctors are staying in the profession that long, these days.

Perhaps they are the same as you and I, learning a thing or two as they grow up.

In the 1960's there was a newspaper account of one of the head doctors at an east coast U.S. large hospital, who had a brain tumor. For this he had a specialist monitoring very carefully, and the finest meds of the day. Some he took immediately he awakened, to help with the dizziness or pain.

His father died, of the same ailment, up-state, and returning to the city after the funeral, this doctor picked up two hitchiking hippies...something he wouldn't normally do.

As they drove and talked, the hippies said they would like to introduce the doctor to some friends who might be helpful.

They stopped at the home of these friends, who proceded to feed the doctor yin/yang balanced vegetarian food. I remember that brown rice was part of it. They also taught the doctor the diet.

Soon after, at home, the doctor noticed that he had begun his day, forgetting to take his morning meds. He was very surprised to realize he hadn't needed them.

He then went to his specialist and all the appropriate tests were administered. The specialist wouldn't say that he was 'getting better', only quoted the amazing new numbers in the tests.

There was a picture of the doctor in bed, a big smile on his face, with the article. And his comment that he didn't know why or how this was happening, but that he was going to keep on doing the diet!

I cut out the article and pinned it to my office bulletin board. I had been raised pretty well a vegetarian, and I'd learned to keep my mouth shut about it in public. But here was confirmation that there were benefits to the lifestyle, even though my diet wasn't carefully balanced according to yin/yang principles.

I think that many doctors and health care professionals, like everyone else, begin to learn that there is more to know, as they grow older and encounter their own 'anecdotal' information.

In fact, I think 'anecdotal' information is the best we have. "Gee, when I had that mom suggested I do this, and it worked!"

Once, when I had a long stitch removed by my family doctor, he put his arm around my shoulders to help me lie down on his examination table. I felt caring, radiating from his arm. Instantly I knew that he was a true healer.

That was probably the first time I noticed an 'aura'. Somehow, later, I mentioned an article about the homogenization of milk, and we got into a discussion about it. He said that it was his ambition to become a 'preventative' doctor.

I think we are all just people, after all; and that, here and there, we learn more...that there IS more.

I loved Peggy Anderson's book, 'Nurse', Mamahuhu. I've passed it around to people I thought would enjoy it, many times.

Thanks so much for telling.

Oh, my dad is/was a pharmacist.



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