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Re: Chalcid Wasp? by #87504 ..... Ask Microbe Detectives

Date:   10/17/2007 6:38:27 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hello again.... I thought about this to begin with. My Dad had it once. He described it as immediate and was at the ocean when it happened. The lifeguard on duty told him to get into the swimming pool as the chlorine would kill the attack.

When my symptoms started, it wasn't until 2 days after my swim at the lake. There was no immediate reaction at all... so, I'm not even sure one thing has anything to do with my outbreak. But, I'm a chronically ill, mainly homebound person. The only two unusual things I've done - places I've gone - in the last 6 months were in August and Sept. In late August I flew to Syracuse NY for my Gram's 90th bday. In Sept I went to my Inlaws - which I go to often - but went swimming in a local lake that they frequent without issue. I was in the shallow end briefly, but the waves were strong - no stagnant water. I swam laps in the deep water mostly.

About 2 days later I noticed white eggs (I would call them) on the surface of my skin which cooincided with the sensation of being stung or pinched. Also, little black dots or pepper. Then crawling sensations started. I'm large chested and under my breasts in particular I started to see weeping sores and little insect parts. I decided to do what my Dad did and get in a pool - thinking it was swimmers itch - and went to the local Y for a couple hours - while in the pool I was fine. After I think it sped up the release of creatures. Anyway, In the initial sores my PCP saw metallic something. So, she thought something in the water might have gotten in my system that was inorganic - since it was metallic. She was more concerned about the sores and less about bugs since she didn't see any... I went home and worked on keeping my wounds ventillated. But, the process kept up. By that weekend I was feeling crawling over my eyelashes and eyebrows which drives me nearly mad. And, on Sunday I noticed the first burrow mark. I debated going to urgent care (I didn't know how quickly it would disappear). I decided to chance waiting until seeing my own doctor on Monday...who wasn't in. So, I was at urgent care anyway. They were the ones who told me it was likely my pets', I was at the Vet the next day and they were more helpful... and also quite sure they'd never seen anything like the bug you see here. So, puzzled, I called the Health Dept. The found me the county entemologist who was sure he'd know what it was, but then didn't...and he forwarded it on...and around and around we go....Now, they are puzzled. They don't have an answer or explanation.

Yes, I've also considered that there are multiple parasites. Why not? I'm one of those people with all the rare diseases and low statistics, so, I don't know why anything should surprise me. Actually, the fact that bugs are coming out of me does surprise me. Someone told me to be thankful for each one that comes up, goes out in any which way, because it is one less in my body. I guess that's an excellent way to look at it!

As always, any ideas will certainly be welcome.... I'm grasping to hang on.

I ordered Humaworm...which I'm waiting for. My husband has no symptoms so I have no idea if something in my environment is reinfecting me....

Thanks alot! Katherine

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