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Lies, damned lies and emotional appeals by Antic_Rhino ..... News Forum

Date:   10/17/2007 3:21:05 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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At least you are consistent with your misinformation, I guess you save a lot of time repeating the sos rather than actually looking up facts and studies that support your position… your collection of pithy quotes notwithstanding.  What we have here is nothing more than bad arguments based on false accusations and the old Nazi specter.  Why don’t you just shut your eyes and scream “Nazi, Nazi, Nazi” it seems to be the root of your argument.  Apparently scientists who come out with studies supporting vaccination are Nazis or working for the Nazis – way to be such a pillar or irrationality.

The feeble excuses you posit in no way contradict all of the hundreds of studies that overwhelmingly conclude that vaccines in general and the flu vaccine specifically save lives.  That is the essence of this discussion, not your obsession with the Rothchilds, or Rockefellers, or Illuminati or what ever other group you irrationally fear.  It is the studies that support vaccination in the majority and the few that don’t.  Overall any reasonable person would conclude that the studies suggest vaccinations save lives.  An irrational person would ignore the majority of studies that support vaccination and exaggerate the importance of the few that contradict them.  This is what you are doing.

Because I care for the elderly I want to reduce their chances of dying by 48% and reduce their hospitalizations by 27% - this is why I recommend vaccinations for the elderly.  Given the success of the flu vaccination programs we see relatively fewer deaths from flu and its complications like pneumonia.   In fact it is still a problem since according to JAMA there are in excess of 20000 hospitalizations associated with influenza.

It is shameful that people like you spread misinformation that would result in so many hospitalizations and deaths, all because you have a philosophical opposition against vaccinations.  Your beliefs are not worth the deaths of so many.

I believe you likely possess the intelligence to see the truth, but you are emotionally blocked.  As a result, you selectively dismiss valid information, you believe in conspiracy stories and tales of the big bad Nazis coming to get you. Until you get past this emotional block, you will never learn anything of value.  All you will be capable of accepting is things you already believe in.

This is why you don’t respond with studies or facts about the efficacy of vaccinations and instead give me a tired lecture about Nazis, Nuremberg …. Blah. Blah. Blah…….. 


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