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Re: Creating Artificial Life by detour ..... Cloning Debate Forum

Date:   10/6/2007 6:32:04 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Technology is surpassing the capabilities of mankind and the feeble
minds that are pulling the trigger on potentially dangerous and irreparable
harm to future generations of crops, sealife and animals it most certainly possesses. Who decides what is worth the risk.

These 'doctor'/ chemists / engineers / mini Gods that feel compelled to create
something new and foreign to this world make me wonder what kind
of childhood they had. Nobel Peace prizes should be awarded to those
that make the world a better place, not wannabees that are trying to
produce a better sea monkey. They are in the same class as the GMO
engineers that think that their 4 years at MIT will produce a better
ear of corn than 300 million years of natural selection and evolution,
or for the religious out there, a better cob than God.

As far as energy ,we have all the natural power we need , anytime we need it,
via wind,solar and alternative fuels. Just that some don't want us to have cheap,
environmentally sound energy. To seek other forms of energy is ludicrous and only providing jobs and money for greedy , nonecologically minded people(oinkers).

How difficult is it for a post grad PHD to comprehend that the Earth evolved into what it has by natural means? That the balance of the Earth must be rectified and
preserved. That technology and 'the urge to make things better(progress)' has only
gotten out of hand and put the planet's balance out of whack. That putting to a halt
the unbridaled misuse of the land , sea and air is imperative for survival of the Earth and its inhabitants.

The waste of money and energy(and time) to come up with a better mouse trap, (when all you have to do is get a cat)is fueled on greed , power and ego. The answers are all in front of us ... it is so simple.

I bet I could relate and condone anything and say it would combat global warming by the way...what a lame thing to fall back on...what is the real motivation...

People do things for two reasons...a good reason and the REAL reason.
~JP Morgan

I wish so much expenditure would be placed on the focus of world peace and true
concern for the Earth and all the living things on it. I'm so weary of
all this nonevolutionary, hype bull$#!T. All in the name of 'mankind'.

But then again, maybe WE were a mutation of some such experiments...Devil's ad:
Everything is 'natural'.

Just that I'd like to live out my life without the shock of three headed fish and
dogs with JFK's face. Let me know though when women have three breasts!


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