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Re: MH I would like your opinion

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Clarkia Extra Strong
Clarkia Tincture 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz

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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: MH I would like your opinion

The one question no author has ever tried to explain is; WHO CREATED GOD!!!

Many have tried to explain that God is the Atom and thus is ALL. I have never read any religious book (that made sense) that anyone has ever seen a human looking God such explained in the Bible. Some say God is just as much rock as he is human, in that he is all matter.

I believe the key is simple, just trust GOD and there can be no surprises! We are going to learn what we came her to learn regardless, so we might as well go with the flow and not fight the teacher. It is written we will never be given more than we can handle and even tough we don't believe it at the time of the trial, when all is said and done, our life on earth will seem so minor.

Happiness is the biggest KEY and those that accept God the most, will be the happiest. Total freedom would be the reward to those that follow God's design and not mans. But who follows Gods laws? The authors seem to believe few to none in a long time. Who will do as Paul and leave their old life behind them and seek Nature and give all thoughts to God alone? Paul was guided to those that could enlighten him to such an extent that when he returned among common people, they seen his freedom as a person who must be God.

We don't have to earn or buy our way to God. It is as simple as just turning all over to God and stop fighting creation. Just saying thankyou for each day when you go to sleep and saying thankyou each morning for a new day will do wonders, for most; it will be the first act they have ever done to aknowledge to God that he is in control of their life's path.

Keeping connected to God keeps the house clean, but those that denie God and then poison their body to the extent their own Spirit is out of connection naturally have invited the not-good spirits to enter and take over the body and thus the 666 spirits in the bible story. With a little spiritual awareness you can tell when a human is temporairlily controlled by a whicked spirit, their mouth is evidence enough and often when they arein control again, they are not even aware of what they said or did. I have no doubt many people in prison today are there because they allowed their body to become foul and controlable by whicked spirits that love to do evil works that lead to prison.

Medical methods lead to disconnection via toxic drugs, while Chiropractic methods seek to restore spiritual flow (circulation). Only those with proper air intake and exchange of acids keep their temple clean....................if we dare allow the acids to build up, we experience disease and disease is a true sign our Spirit is in trouble and need of help. Those such as Branham seen all disease as evil influence and could heal a person of any disease in seconds by spiritual influence, but with Branham; he believed in the use of hebs and clean diet as a method to avoid the diseases and as a way the people should live after they were spiritual healed. Towards the end of his life he was so angry because people ONLY wanted the quick fix of Spiritual Healing and refused to clean their lives up to avoid the sickness in their future. He seen our generation as lazy and not willing to learn.

A true word for demons could be acid, A true word for Health is alkaline. I don't see how a person could ever die if they had proper alkaline balance. evil (acids) kill.


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