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Re: MH I would like your opinion

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Hulda Clark Cleanses


New lower prices!
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: MH I would like your opinion

I personally believe the word lucifer to be 100% catholic in origin and used to scare people.

I believe God is in every human on this planet and that everyone alive today had their lives preplanned before them. Even the bible suggest the same. Brother Branham and Brother Vayle (Vayle is still alive today)believes this 100%.

We have a earth cycle as explained in the Bible and in the beginning all is well, all is love, all live on air, peace is in the air; the lamb lays in peace with the lion, etc., etc.....known as the time of adam and eve. At the end of each cycle the earth is shook from the 4 corners and most all die, unless you happen to have your own Pyramid to hide under. This time known as the times of Noah.

The radiation differances from the beginning to the end makes us the way we are. It makes all the plants the way they are and all the animals, etc....we all change for the worse with each year.

"WE" are connected to our body, "we" are not in our Body. Our MIND created our body from two parent cells and these cells and all cells are created from AIR and SUNSHINE only, period...............

So we have "we" / "Mind" and GOD making us as three. Sorry, no room for lucifer and his millions of demons;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;unless "we" consume drugs/toxins and denie GOD. By denieing GOD, our MIND starts to desrtuct the human Body it built up cell by cell. When we denie God, it seems that the billions of demons floating through the air we consume can take up house keeping in our bodies and the tormenting seems endless...

BUT, these demons, etc...are still a creation of GOD and under his command/control. "WE" have choice and our MIND follows the laws of GOD. Based on our choices, we make or break our life on earth. BUT, we knew what was going to happen before we were ever born, we chose the parents we needed to have, so we could experiencve what we had to experience and witness while on earth. If we were to be aborted, then it had to be, if we live 100+ years, then it had to be.



It is suggested in the Bible that we are not to worry about another human on this planet, they actually may not be what we think they are, they may all be just part of our education. WE came into this earth as one and we leave as one, period. We are graded on our deeds, period. Those that trust GOD, knows what ever happens, had to happen.

Those on bad drugs loose total control, actually they can leave their body for months at a time and demons live/talk through their body and if you piss them off enough, they may even threaten you with death. This is all part of that person's education, they are traveling the universe and may or may not re-enter their body. I personally believe no human is in their body at the point of death, that a demon enjoys the death struggle and the human has long since left and returned home.

Regardless what a demon is, God made it and controls all.

So yes, those with open eyes could easily see humans today as low life scum eating demons and believe they are walking through the valley of death known as life and no surprise that people 2,000 years ago felt the same.

You could feel like your the only human on earth and who is there to argue that you are not? We are in a tuff school, one that you can not determine the teachers from the other students. Your goal is to trust God and leave all to his command.

We are in amazing times, we will see wonders that defy the eye. Those with wisdom ill watch for the signs. One such person was Brother Branham, he watched the signs and wrote a book on the history of this generation and he would strongly suggest our days are short. When the car that can drive its self appears on the open market, he would suggest we had better look up, because the rocks are coming fast. His visions came true, so he was a 100% believe in predestination. Otherwise, his visons couldn't come true.

Interestingly enough, Brother Vayle can't denie your request, because he believes if you ask him something, it was predestined to happen before this earth was created.

Just ideas to think about, I have no doubt thousands of people have their similar ideas on life on earth! The mystery ends with our last breath.


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