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--gout and hypoglycemia--

Hulda Clark Cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...


Hulda Clark Cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...

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Published: 14 years ago
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--gout and hypoglycemia--

Hi ForZion,

Question: In one of the posts you mentioned that the magnesium in ES that is taken along with every meal helps get rid of excess protein. Is this the Funny protein or the true protein that you were referring to?
I have gout and hypoglycemia

Answer: ES may get rid of both Protein and Funny Protein(NPN) or may we say help properly regulate them !

It is the NPN which may Cause most of the problems with the gout and hypoglycemia !

For the Body needs Protein, but it needs True Complete Complexed Proteins, which means that they have enough needed matching Alkaline Minerals and Carbohydrates bound with it !

The problem with too much Protein is when it Lacks these other needed Alkaline Minerals etc !

This is another reason "WHY" I have suggested for those with hypoglycemia to eat a very small amount of hard cheese of an even to help their body deal with the hypoglycemia and give the Adrenal Glands time to Heal and something to Heal with !

Other question: I have been taking the drink for about 3 months, meanwhile trying to reduce some acid-forming foods, meat being one of them. This is also to deal with my gout issues. The amount of meat that used to consume was about 20% of my meal, and have been cutting it down to about less than 5%. About 10 days ago I started feeling pain in the spleen point (reflexology) of my left foot, the drink made the pain went away one time but it came back. This past Wednesday out of a sudden both my hands started feeling tingly and also experienced slight dizziness. Then I remembered that I experienced the same symptoms about 3 years ago while I tried to stay away from meat. So that night for dinner I started eating more meat, and to my surprise, the pain in my spleen point and the tingling in my hands all went away that very night. I need some guidance here: Dr. Robert Young and Andreas Moritz and many more experts advice us not to eat meat, but it seems like my body can't handle it. And in reading your advice on cutting out acid-forming foods, you don't seem to include meat (what a relief :)), just refined and processed foods and hydrogenated oil and junk foods. My reasoning after reading the archives is that may be I should take lemon juice or ACV to deal with my digesion of protein, may be then my gout (uric acid) will be lessen? I know my liver is not functioning well since I also have hypoglycemia, and I learned tonight that malfunctioning liver causes inadequate secretion of digestive acids which leads to gout. I also plan to start taking ES with each meal, hence my first question above: will the undigested protein be taken care of my the magnesium? Am I on the right track? Please solve my meat issues once and for all!!!

Answer: The gout may be from that area of the body becomming too Acidic !

Eating meat or other Proteins, which may contain the Isotope of the Protein or Nitrogen in the Alkaline form may Cause the body to be more Alkaline for a period of time, but then if one does not supply enough of the needed Alkaline Minerals for the body, as time passes and this Protein digests and may convert to the Acidic Isotope, then the gout may reappear !

The idea of taking extra Lemon Juice or ACV to help the digestion of Proteins is a very good idea and may help greatly !

But what you may find if you continue to eat too much meat or other Proteins before bedtime, and if they are Lacking in the needed matching Alkaline Minerals, that your problems may increase later on as these become in Excess and they change from the Alkaline Isotope to the Acidic Isotope in the body !

But, a small amount of Hard cheese of an even may help get thru this problem as the Adrenal Glands are rebuilding, for the Hard cheese is pre-digested proteins with needed Alkaline Minerals and may not react the same way as regular proteins or NPN ?

I have found that the NPN , which comes with Poor Quality Fruits and Vegetables may Cause many people problems with gout and hypoglycemia !

If you get a Refractometer and start checking your foods, maybe you shall begin to understand "WHY" this is such a problem in the Poor Quality foods eaten today ?

Smile Tis your choice.

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