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--Hooray ForZion !---Refractometer--Health & gardening.

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Natural, Soothing, Progesterone Oil
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Lugol’s Iodine Free S&H
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Published: 14 years ago
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--Hooray ForZion !---Refractometer--Health & gardening.

Hi ForZion,

May you continue to learn to help your son and yourself's into Better Health !

And may you share with others in need and who are willing to listen and make changes to help themself !

Your post and question: Hi Moreless:
I am LL's husband. Thank you for your help with our son. i have also been greatly energized and helped by your alkalizing drink. We bought a refractometer recently and found out that the organic vegetables that we were buying from the store were 1 or 2 brix. No wonder the little guy hasn't completely healed up yet. We gave him a detox footbath tonight. He's sleeping like a baby. The farmers market produce tested 4 and 5 for veggies. Below average, but it was still some of the best veggies we have tasted. It goes to show how bad our produce is. I have several questions that I need your help with since we are starting our own garden:

1)The soil in my city Austin, Texas sits on a limestone bed. A local prominent gardening expert said that alkalinity is between 7.2 to 7.4. I was trying to buy gypsum and bone meal to add to the soil as per your instructions to others past, when that gardener said that calcium is not a problem in Austin soils, but magnesium is deficient. His advice was to add magnesium sulphate not calcium sulphate. I know you have cautioned others against the use of epsom salts. Can you advise?

2)The gardener also said that ph is not important when you feed the soil life. I have also read that a slight change in ph could affect the soil biology. Is it important to buy a ph meter to test the soil? If I need to get one, how accurate does the ph meter need to be-within 0.1 accuracy or 0.01? Do you have a manufacturer that you recommend?

3)How often should I check the brix of my veggies? What is the proper procedure? How long do I wait before testing for improvement in brix after foliar feeding?

4)In foliar feeding with seaweed, do I use a pump sprayer to mist or is a hose end sprayer sufficient? My garden will initially be two beds that are 20 by 4 feet. I guess I'll use less and save with a pump sprayer in the long run. I thought I'd check with you anyway.

5)Can you recommend a company/companies selling high brix seed?

6)I have just borrowed Arden Andersen's book on The Anatomy of Life and Energy in Agriculture from the public library. I haven't read much yet, but it seems his views confirm your posts on Electro-magnetic energy and minerals. What are some initial books that you would recommend I read on agriculture? What are your views about biodyamic farming?

Sorry to burden you with so many questions. Please take your time answering them. But if you could answer questions 1 and 2 as soon as you can, so I can prepare for fall planting, I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks again.


Answer: #1: Do as I suggested, for just because the soil sits on a limestone base does "NOT" mean that your soil has enough Calcium in the surface of the soil, because Calcium will Leach down into the Lower layers of the soil and then it will not be available to the tiny roots of new seedlings !

The tiny new seedlings must have Calcium available to them in the surface of the soil to do good !

I have Personally tested many soils, which sit on top of Great amounts of Limestone just 12-18 inches under the surface and the Plants are "Starving" for Calcium, because their roots never get down to the Calcium Deposit when the plants are Young !

#2: He is Correct about needing to "Feed" the Soil Life !

This is most Important,because the Soil Life will control the pH by their actions!

#3: The more often you check the Brix on the vegetables at different stages, the faster one may learn to connect what is going on at different weather and moisture changes ?

The website has links telling about checking Brix in plants etc .

#4: Foliar feeding is an art you will need to learn about !

It is easy to put too much on and get a Burn, so learn to use very small amounts and test the mix on just a few plants first to see if they Burn, then you do not Burn all of them!

Take "MY" advise on this , for I personally made these mistakes many times in the past, thinking that if a little was Good, then more was Better !

#5: High Brix Seeds ? I do not know of anywhere one can buy them !

You can Buy the Highest Test weight, and these seeds will be the highest Brix, tho !

#6: Bread from Stones by Dr. Julius Hensel is a very good book, which is very down to earth reading!

And there is a book about "No work Gardening by Ruth Stout" , which is very Simple about feeding the Soil Life and not having to worry about weeding !

Biodynamic farming is like anything else, if the farmer understands and practices to Feed the Soil Life Correctly, and to work in Harmony with the Soil, then he may be Blessed with good quality foods !

The Key to raising Top Quality Vegetables is to learn to work in Harmony with the Soil and it's Life and to feed the Soil Life first and then it will Feed the Plants you want to grow and provide the best Quality !

To accomplish this easier and faster one needs to learn to supply some of the missing Alkaline Minerals Like Calcium in the surface of the soil and phosphate, which may be done with what I suggest and then learn to keep the soil Mulched with mulch , which the Soil Life may Live under and eat and multiply and produce Organic Acids 24 hours each day, which may then Cause the needed Release of Electro-magnetic Energy from the Alkaline Minerals for the plants to use to properly grow into Top Quality !

Smile Tis your choice.

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