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A View From Inside A Commercial Forum
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Published: 15 years ago

A View From Inside A Commercial Forum

Yep - It's a Catch 22, for me anyway. That being said, here's MY personal dilemma - Yes , we manufacture and sell a parasite cleansing product that I believe in with all my being. Yes, I want to help folks and educate folks about parasites, but I try to do it without always hawking my product. Just yesterday I posted some information for a lady over in the parasites forum about using Wormwood on an 18 month old and a 3 year old. (DANGEROUS - in my opinion.) I also gave information about what herbs can be used for such small children ALL WITHOUT EVER telling her that we also sell a children's formula that her 3 year old can take. The $9.95 is just not worth it to me.

But then again - I know my product works and sometimes I just want to tell people in other forums "GO READ the HUMAWORM Website! Don't buy - just LEARN!" - but I can't - that's hawking.

I also agree that having your own forum can be a dangerous thing if it is used for political and/or religious agendas. Recently, I instructed my Customer Service Department to send certain call in or email customers to CureZone for education purposes. We get 100-150 phone calls PER DAY - folks who order, folks literally crying because of their illnesses, folks just asking MANY questions about parasites, cleansing, herbs, etc. I thought that certain customers could gain helpful information in areas that we don't specialize in - liver flushes, fasting, kidney flushes, urine therapy, etc. I am beginning to realize that I should modify this decision - another poster said something that struck a chord with me - those folks needing help that we send here might just get the wrong impression and wrong information at certain forums. I think I will have the CSD be VERY SPECIFIC on telling folks where to go on CureZone from now on.

It's hard enough for people who are just learning about natural/herbal medicines/therapies. A lot of my customers are called "crazy" - "tree-huggers" - "mental" - so forth and so on by their families and friends for even trying to use alternative methods to get well. Most folks just don't want to even THINK about parasites. Sometimes the ONLY support these folks have is our Customer Service Department and most recently, CureZone. I field emails and calls ALL DAY LONG everyday from such folks - I get the "freaking out" ones and my staff handles the rest.

Do with us what you may - CureZone can be wonderful thing for all of us. Just the other day I had a question from a customer in my forum asking about Morgellons Disease. The results of my research as of this morning are now posted on the HUMAWORM website where, I hope, many people will be helped.

If the commercial forums are done away with, I can always post without mentioning my product - but to be perfectly honest it's hard NOT to tell scared, sick folks about HUMAWORM. That's how I got the forum to begin with.

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