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Re: Thanks vm
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Thanks vm

I agree but disagree with some of the views in this thread. Its important to know all the facts or at least try to educate yourself as much as possible before jumping into cleanses or meds, as what may be one man's cure could be anothers poisen. Herbs do tend to be more broad sprectrum than meds, but meds are much more powerful. As far as the different types of parasites (worms), they generally fall into 1 of 3 categories, nematodes or round worms, cestodes or Tapeworms and trematodes or flatworms.[playthelminthes] As far far as meds, what was stated is not necessarily true. There are some meds that target one "class" of nematodes, i.e. ivermectin for nematodes, and there may be exceptions, i.e. ivermectin is ineffective for hookworm and trichuris. Also, some meds are only active in the GI tract while others work systemically. Albendazole on the other hand crosses lines on both counts, while not "well" absorbed, per se, it is more so than some, so active systemically and also against all 3 classes, although again, there are exceptions (f. hepatica). This issue of not just meds is complicated, as are the parasites themselves. Some of the parasites have as many as 5 stages, possibly more and most docs have no concept of diagnosing or treating. Most will refuse to acknowledge the problem or even worse treat it blindly. Another positive with meds is that they are extensively studied.

Herbs have their merits as well, such as acting more mildly, so they must be used over a longer period of time, such as 30 to 90 days, for 2 reasons, to not only kill the adults off but to act throughout the entire life cycle to prevent the reinfestation by hatching eggs and larvae. Additionally, they work synergistically and shouldn't be taken seperately rather in combination... hence the trinity of BW/WW/Clove. Herbs have received more publicity recently in main stream medicine for use against resistant parasites (malaria, schistosomes), particularly artemisia (wormwood). Its important to note this is a different species (annua) than typically used in most parasite blends and much more concentrated. Most advocate rotating the herbs to avoid resistance. Look outside of the 3 herbs as well, to such things as garlic, carrot juice, ginger, peppermint, tumeric... and many others. If you decide to go that route there are many different blends on the market but Humaworm has a forum for questions, is affordable, has great customer service and is made from fresh ingredients.

Also lifestyle factors and evironment plays a large part as well; shuch as eating well washed frozen meats,and well cleaned veggies which may be highjacked by multiple pathogens. Also try to avoid raw sushi and especially sashimi. Try to ensure that you are drinking safe water and aviod stimulants ( coffee, nicotine) that incese not only your metabolism but theirs as well; I.e. they are now feasting on you at a higher pace,,, as apposed to relaxants such as ambien that anesthetize the bugs that later resurge, causing hypoglycemia etc. Also,care shoud be taken in preparing foods seperately between items washing untensils and hands etc. Not to mention pets, love them, squeeze them hug them with care BUT wash you hands well BEFORE and AFTER to prevent cross contaminations. Many dewom themselves at this time themselves, their family and pets at the same time, As this creates an oppurtunity for zoonotic infections to occurr. I would start there, but goodluck and let us know how you are doing.

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