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Re: RE: shortness of breath
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: RE: shortness of breath

hey monique

my apolagies, im hardly the definitive authority on this stuff. I just try to convey the stuff i have read. I usually try to stay away from making extreme statements or doling out advice. In fact, im literally in the same boat as you with the larval migration etc. I cant tolerate the herbs either. But its important to remember with these parasites, that adults aside from the vague symptoms usually dont cause much reaction in the body. Some of them incororate the host HLA on their surface (flukes) to avoid detection. Thats how some drugs work (praz) to disrupt this protective barrier and allow the immune system to react to them... unfortunately this can result in anaphylaxis. Also, the larvae actually cause a very strong immune response, more so than adults. In fact some vaccine studies are based on this.

I guess the biggest point I try to get across on my posts is to keep an open mind. Its easy to get side tracked by symptoms and get tunnel vision. Just because you have a muscle or eye twitch doesnt necesarrily mean you have a parasite there. Its more likely to be larvae simply passing through. When dealing with these we cant afford to get caught up in all the minor details. You have to think BIG picture and sometimes have to back up and look again or miss the forest for the trees.

Couple important things someone told me that didnt make sense at the time ... but makes more sense now is that in the end does it REALLY matter the specific type of parasite you have, I mean from what we see usually where you find one species you usually find more. They tend to be commensal and cohabitate. Kind of like one holding open the door for the other. The other is its not about swallowing THIS to kill THAT. Again ... have to think big picture. I learned this I guess from my (many) mistakes. I dont have any perfect answers in this. Even when I thought I did the further I get into the process I realize how little we understand. But sometimes its more important to know what NOT to do than what to do.

Your question about infections in specific locations in the body ... well, I think most of us know that many parasites proliferate in the organ, which may be what causes so many allergies and environmental toxicity. As far as the anecdotal stories... how do we really know if we dont look? I think the US is WAY behind the ball on this ... regarding parsitic causes for organ pathology (ie pancreatitis, gall bladder disease). Its kind of like if nobody heard the tree fall did it happen? But in the end I think parasites will usually stay close to the food source unless we give them reason not to. And just because the larvae migrate through doesnt mean they can mature and survive there. This is why we see the explosive nature of larvae... its like natures equivalent to buck shot ... out of 100 pellets maybe one will hit the target. Its nature simply ensuring survival of the species.

anyway, im rambling and probably creating more questions than answers. we are all just learning here.

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