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Re: So what is the answer then?
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: So what is the answer then?

Yeah, the 5-HTP is worth a shot. There are no side effects to speak of. I've been taking 200mg at bed time and 1mg of melatonin if needed (a few times a week). 5-HTP gives the body more raw fuel from which to make serotonin. Serotonin is another interesting subject. There's a lot of it in our intestintal tract under normal conditions. I believe I had low serotonin as evidenced by the fact that 5-HTP fixed my sleep right away. Some have claimed that anti-depressants (serotonin re-uptake inhibitors) sometimes help eliminate a Candida problem. I often wonder how that fits in to all of this.

I haven't done a Liver Flush yet, although I probably will. Tomorrow I will do my 4th castor oil flush. It's generally recommended that the Liver Flush be done before castor oil actually, so I want to try it soon. The castor oil flushes have been somewhat successful for me. I get a couple of good flush BMs but that's it. My wife tried it last Friday and I couldn't believe the results she got. Her flushes started almost right away and lasted for hours. Mine usually take a couple of hours to start (the first time it took 4 or 5 hours). I'm not sure what this means. Maybe that my bile flow is not where it should be. I hope this improves over time.

Mike mentioned some other good things about digestion. I'm also chewing my food more thoroughly (get it as close to liquid as possible before swallowing) and making sure to take the Beatine HCL and plant based enzymes with meals. My suspicion is that my low stomach acid, possibly made much worse by taking PPIs for all those years, may be my biggest problem right now. If the stomach acid is insufficient, then the rest of digestion and absorption is thrown off. Oddly enough, low PH is required in the stomach in order for the necessary higher PH to exists in the intestinal tract. And it's possible (or probable) that low stomach acid will prevent proper pancreatic enzyme release and bile flow. I used PPIs to shut off my acid production for so long that I suspect my acid production now needs to be jump started. I am hoping the Betaine HCL will help with that.

This is why it's so important to concentrate on digestion. Stomach acid and pepsin production, pancreatic enzyme production and bile flow all have to be working optimally (And it's a fact that insufficient pancreatic production and bile flow are necessary for keeping bad bacteria and parasites under control). Each piece has to work right correctly for everything to be digested and absorbed properly. And there are different enzymes for protien, fats, carbs and dairy and they all have to be present in sufficient quantities in order for things to be broken down for proper absorption and to ensure that undigested food doesn't putrify in your intestinal tract or even in your stomach.

And as Mike said, intestinal irritants (like food allergies ) have to be dealt with. And for me, I had to give up coffee and caffeine completely.


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