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So what is the answer then?
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Published: 15 years ago
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So what is the answer then?

This does make a lot of sense to me, however, I could never be a Fruitarian. Being on the candida diet alone has made me feel worse, emotionally and physically and even though it helps in some aspects, with respect to limiting sugar, flour, etc., in the long run, I donít think it is healthy to not be able to eat fruits, grains, potatoes (which are rich in nutrients), dairy, etc. Even though dairy does have some downside, it does have plusses as well. Some people thing soy is good for you, while on the other hand Iíve heard ND after ND say how bad soy is actually for your heart. Iím so sick and tired of all of this and honestly, I have been driven to the brink emotionally on more than one occasion. If we were all honest with everyone here, Iím sure you would find a great deal of people on this forum who have had thoughts of ending it all. I know I have, because the pain and suffering and deprivation have just been so horrible.

Ok, so we all know that healing the gut is the primary key, so what is the answer on how to do that? I have done the Liver Flushes and colonics and all the other stuff but it didnít make a difference. I have alkalized for months and it didn't help. I even did the candida diet for a year with the supplements and it didn't help. I also know that just healing the gut alone will not make the active infections go away. Ask any woman on this site who has had a long-term vaginal yeast infection going on and they will tell you the same thing. Natural anti-fungals have their place in all of this, but hell, who wants to be on any of this stuff long term? Do you all want to be popping pills the rest of your lives? I know I donít. Just going on a trip alone is a major pain. I have to carry a cooler bag with me for the probiotics and a another bag just for the supplements on top of luggage. And going through airport security, they look at you like are smuggling something on board. I have had to bring notes from NDís on more than one occasion just to bring a vitamin bottle with me for crying out loud! I want this all to end. I have lost 10 years if not more of my life to this monster and with the advances we have in nutrition and medicine, it's absolute B.S. that we still have to be dealing with this cr- -! If itís so simple, why havenít we found the answers? 10's of thousands of dollars later for me, I have nearly bankrupt my family trying to find and answer and I am nowhere closer to the answer. Iím tired too of popping 7 or 8 supplements to cover all the problems: candida, heavy metal issues, leaky gut, Epstein Barr and low thyroid. I eat less calories and food that then average thin person and yet Iím still 120 pounds overweight! Do you know how hard that sucks?! Itís so damn unfair! And honestly those around us who do not go through this just donít get it. So if digestion the key to it all? If I heal my gut will my thyroid normalize and my Epstein Barr go away and my heavy metal and candida leave? I am going to be 41 soon and desperately want to have a baby. These issues I have been dealing with have caused infertility problems with me. So everyone, what is the answer? What do we do? I just canít do one more Liver Flush or stick another tube up my butt to flush more nonsensical old fecal matter out of me. I am broke, frustrated, tired of living off tasteless, cardboard tasting food with no enjoyment from eating. Ugh!


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