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candida free - one year later
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Published: 17 years ago

candida free - one year later

A little more than a year ago I was one of the folk on this forum trying to find answers to what was plagueing me. Fortunatley my prayers where answered.

Occasionally I drop in here to see what folk are upto. Im astounded at the herd mentality, the postions and concoctions being propagted, thought lines that candida is some enemey that must be killed. the presuposition that if its killed, your life will masisvely increase. Im in awe at the industry that has fired up preying off other peoples misery. Guys the solution is way more simple than you could imagine. Its all starts with a little self education. Taking responsibilty for your health and your choices.

Here are some of my thoughts/actions that got me to the stage of improved well being. (One year later I am "candida symptom" free, loads of energy, heightened feelings of wellbeing and conciousness.

By the way, incase your suspicious mind was wondering I am not pushing any product or any books. Simply giving back what i found that works.

If in a hole, and you wish to get out, you need to stop digging. NOW!

Candida is not the enemy, it is merely indicative that you have a deeper problem running that begs for a solution. Solve the problem and your ills will become somthing of the past.

Candida is a fungus. A fungus will only thrive out of balance if the envoironement allows it. (you naturally have fungus in every part of the body..way its meant to be)
Herein lies the key. The fungus is natures answer to a too acid terrain. The worms/fungus etc are all natures answer to eat up the waste and return the acid envoironement to an alkaline one. Ie A state of balance. (PH about 7)

What got you here. 1 the foods you TRUSTINGLY consumed that changed the terrian of the body to be one that is conducive to fungus, bacteria, parasites and virus's.Its a slow process but look around you, happening all the time. Look at the crap that people shovel into thewir mouths.

Many of these foods are being touted as being necessary for human helath, ie MILK, Animal Products, Processed foods etc etc.

2) Often there is a trigger that opens a pandoras box, of which candida is a symptom.

The "food" that gets touted as human food gets congested in the body. herein lies the key. Your waste is not leaving your cells/organs/body. this waste accumulates, the terrain aka your body, changes it terrain from being alkaline to acidic.Nature steps in with fungus's etc to try achieve balance. You try kill the fungus with everything from fungucides to Colloidal Silver (Madness, trying to kill the natural mechnaism in your body by introducing a METAL in your body!!!!!!). All you are doing is making matters worse. the solution is simple.

When the body is eliminating its waste properly, not storing it,
When you are introducing nourishing foods that do not cause conjection (Mucus), and its all flowing down and out, the terrain wont be condicive to that which nature introduces to try rectify the problem. There will be no problem of stored waste.

Here's how I did it. I found a GOOD Bowel balance formulae, formulated by an old herbalist. The formulae was orginally german. This formulae is not a laxative, it stimulates the natural parastalsis, eleiminates stored mucus. In LOADS!! All the crap that i was eating and accumlating, constipating me.

I took a good dewormer for the first month. Mainatnce dose after that. Sweet and pleanst to the tongue.

I cleansed my liver, repeatedly untill I was sure the worms and stones where gone. (Still busy getting stones out now)

I cleansed my kidney with a good herbal kindney cleanser. Many about. Find a natural one.

I stopped eating the non human foods that got me hwre in the first place aka..Animal products, grains.

I investiugated what HUMAN food was. Aka Fruit Sprouts, seeds, and nuts.
I investigated food combining. Some combinations of food push the composting button, making matters worse. Ie combining fruits and meats, or fruits and grains. BAD NEWS!
I investigated Fruitarianism, and adopted the principle I could. See Dr Doug Grahams stuff.My diet today is MAINLY fruit. Somthing that has the "candida experts howling as impossible!!! I eat dates in their loads. Zero symptoms. I liove on Orange juice! Zero symptoms.

I set about doing juice fasts. Initially limited the days at 1 or three. then went to seven, then to 12 days, then to 15 days.My confidence in what i was doing increased with experience.

This last principle along with getting my bowel moving 2-3 daily, brought about the greatest improvement!! There is no drug on the face of the planet that can produce the energy and highs experienced at the end of a longish juice fast.
This gave me the confidence that fruit is our true food, not the grains, not the mils and animal products.

Thats enough for now. The solution is simple. There are those that will do what is required to help themselves and get on with their lives. There are others that enjoy wallowing in their misery and pain. Its all a choice. Above all, the prize of experienc is perspective.

PS Getting free of Candida symptoms didnt do anything for my grammar and spellingt it still sucks ha ha!

If interested in learning more, find the books/cd written by dr Doug Graham.
The work of the Barefoot Herbalist is what gave me the information that cracked the code for me so to speak. this info is free.
Also check out Dr Gabriel cousins at "the tree of life".
These where my biggest inspirations.

Further inspirations where Dr Arnold Ehret and his books on the Mucusless diets and fasting. Teachings of Dr Christopher.

Nuff for now...
Play on!


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