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7 months of frustration...any advice?
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Published: 16 years ago

7 months of frustration...any advice?

where to begin???! i've suffered from spotty skin/moderate Acne since high school. dermatologists since then have put me on every Antibiotic known to man - mincycline, tetracycline, accutane, benzaclin, differin, benzoyl peroxide - over the past 10 years. accutane brought temporary relief, but the Acne returned even after a 2nd cycle.

now in my mid-20s, and realizing that prescriptions were somehow doing more harm than good, i've eschewed conventional medicine in favor of diet changes and holistic treatment. it has been a continuous re-education process, and i've read books by Hulda Clark , kevin trudea, mike walden's " Acne no more" guide, and many many more looking for guidance.

right now i suffer from little white bumps all over my face. it is just a matter of time before these little bumps become inflamed and turn into acne. some become whiteheads, others remain painfully on the skin for a week or so. the blemishes left behind are horrible, and i've noticed some minor pitting and scarring as a result. despite all my recent efforts, detailed below, things have gotten worse it seems.

to update you on my recent activities: i had my metal fillings (8!) removed in september '06. no improvement. wheatgrass juicing, fasting, etc, no improvement. a naturopathic doctor looked at my blood and said i was infected with fungus, yeast (candida), and parasites and that my immune system was so low that if i came down with a bad case of pneumonia i could die!!! ridiculous to me since i am in great athletic shape and hardly ever get sick, but she showed me through microscopy that my WBC were few and unhealthy. i started seeing a colon hydrotherapist in mid-december and just finished my 12th treatment in addition to candida cleansing and zapping, and have finally noticed passing TONS of mucoid plaque early, but recently passed hosts of little white/transparent worms (parasites!) as well as tiny white candida "flakes". i did a Liver Flush ( Hulda Clark 's recipe) about two weeks ago and passed a bunch of little stones. my second one this past weekend was fruitless, but i think i screwed up the pre-diet protocol.

my diet is now all-vegetarian - organic, high in vegetables, almost no fruit except lemons. no sugars hardly at all. no dairy of any kind, no soy. i take cleansing herbs, high-quality EFAs, raw/organic/unpasteurized apple cider vinegar...basically, i'm doing all the right things!!! i also skin brush daily, oil pull daily (for the last week), have started yoga, and am applying the principles of "the secret" into my daily life. i also just started on the Hulda Clark kidney cleanse and plan on doing bi-monthly liver flushes. i've also been taking colonix combined with their toxinout program for the last 1.5 months for regularity.

now, maybe someone can answer this: what the heck am i doing wrong??? i am at my wit's end. things just seem to be getting worse despite my strongest efforts. these little bumps have been getting worse over the last few years in terms of frequency. i actually had an 8-month laser treatment therapy for my acne two years ago, which seemed to aggravate every last bump and enflame them, but at the end my skin was clear...for a month, until they resurfaced. i've even tried such harsh extremes as blue-light therapy, which basically peeled the top layer of my skin off like an onion, but it didn't help either.

looking for ANY pointers, advice, suggestions at this point. should i just keep on doing what i'm doing and be patient? or is there a more effective protocol out there? the worst part about this is that i'm in the entertainment industry where looks DO count, unfortunately, and this has really been affecting my livelihood in a very very negative way. it has been so trying and maddening, i'm ready to do whatever it takes to end this once and for all.

i appreciate any feedback to this dilemna!!!


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