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Re: Re: Liver cleanse w/ parasite and colon cleanse while breastfeeding
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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: Re: Liver cleanse w/ parasite and colon cleanse while breastfeeding

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>Can you tell us more about your experience with gallbladder surgery.
>If you find time, and if you know the answer, please answer few of the questions below:

>Do you, as health profesional, have any contact with people after surgery ?
My job is to assist the doctor, with images, while doing the surgery. I really don't inter-act with the patient much after sugery except for an occasional post op film. I can tell you about the surgery itself since I am there through the whole thing and can watch on the tv screen (laproscope) while the gallbladder is removed.

I am an x-ray tech and I run a c-arm during surgery. The c-arm is a mobile florascopy machine that takes real time images of the body so the doctor can check for problems in the bile ducts. It does the same thing as the machines used in the x-ray department for upper and lower gi's. After removing the gallbladder the doctor will inject contrast media (dye) in to the bile ducts which causes them to show up on x-ray. This is usually done after the actual removal of the (usually healthy looking)gallbladder. The thing that concerns me most about this procedure is that it is routinely done on very young people, early 20's and younger. Some doctors are very rough with the contents of a persons abdomen. Pulling and tugging on your insides like that can't be good, not to mention the cauterizer, it actually burns the tissue that holds the gallbladder to the liver to prepare for it's removal. It is not a proceedure that I want to go through!

>Do you know of any negative side efect of surgery ?

There are negative side effects to all surgeries! I believe in avoiding surgery at all cost. I have seen some real doctor "flub ups" on pt's. Sometimes, though rare, fistulas are formed between organs after surgery or they can be spontaineous for someone who is very ill. One very serious case was a woman with a fistula between her lung and colon. The doctor discovered this situation while the pt was undergoing a lower gi and started coughing up barium. Pretty gross, huh? She had also been complaining of very bad breath. This was a case where the woman had surgery on her colon and in the process of healing itself the body formed a fistula.

I can't say that I have any clinically proven things I can tell you but I do know a young woman who had her gallbladder removed a few years ago. She is in the ER quit often with chest and abdominal pain. I can't say that this is a result of her gallbladder surgery, but I highly suspect it is, considering she is in her early 20's and otherwise very healthy.

>Does it happens that people come again for surgery, because of stones inside bile ducts ?
Well, stones in the bile ducts is a common occurence. In a county community of around 40,000 people our department does about 10 ercp's a week. About half of those have a stone in the bile ducts. Some have had gallbladder removal and some have not. So with or without gallbladder removal stones are still a problem. Why remove the gallbladder if it won't solve the problem! duh!!!

>Do you know what percentage of people develop irritable bowel syndrome after gallbladder surgery ?
I really wouldn't know about this one but the woman I mentioned earlier does have collitis.

>Do you know if there is any link between gallbladder surgery and heart diseases - heart attack ?
I wish I knew, but it would make sense that this could happen considering the contents of gallstones. Gallstones being a sign of bad diet choices.

The truth about healthcare is that most people see a specialist for this surgery and after the gallbladder is removed they usually go back to thier family doctor and are referred to another specialist for diffrent problems, so tracking the connections would be almost impossible.

I hope this info helps.


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