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Bending a spoon, by MH

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Published: 16 years ago

Bending a spoon, by MH

When I was a kid, there were people getting attention by bending spoons. They were on TV, seen around the world and eventually all proved as fakes. Their trick exposed on how they did it.

David Copperfield and magicians/trickers around the world make their living doing such things..Dr. Christopher loved to expose tricksters, he usualy seen them in the form of muscle testers.. David Christopher told me that his Dad and himself durring his lifetime have never found a real muscle tester to date. When asked to "perform" a muscle test where the product/object is unkown to the tester and their mind does not know the desired effect, the test fails, they can not do it.

Magicians/allusion artis have tricked millions, it is their job to do so. Many later in years have made more $$$ exposing how the tricks are done. The spoon benders are nothing new and why it was ever allowed for anything other than pure entertainment?


Once information is liked, it works, word spreads....

This sentance explains success over failure....

Information that is liked, it does not work, does not spread a good word. Then the advertisers seek more popular places to display their products in exchange for $$$.

Just words to ponder..

Truth/False; these 2 words have no in-between. "IF" you love truth, you can't stand False. "IF" you enjoy FALSE, truth often hurts.

I would suggest this as a old Dr. Christopher to dissprove such fakes:

Take a metal object, don't tell the blind folded "trickster" what it is and ask him to bend it, odds are 100% he won't be able to do no more than you and I.

The old spoon benders would use spoons where the metal was so weakened that the spoon bends under the power of gravity. They could bend the spoons in all sorts of figures because of the way the spoon was pre-manipulated.

Kind of reminds me of your Karete sport of busting cement blocks, they forget to tell you that they first put those blocks in a 500 degree oven and baked them until they powderize/snap easily. Give the muscle man a nice fresh block of cement right off the ground, nice and moist and well cured and he can do nothing more than smash his fist into mush..

There is one allusion I never did quite figure out. At a state fair as a child, there was a magician who had a lady assistant. The act was done on the street and you were able to be right beside the actors. The girl got in your standard box that comes apart in 4-5 sections, then the magician took the box apart and spread them around on the ground and the girl was talking to you ansd the other box had a foot that wriggled the toes. These boxes have been long exposed as being fake, they have a false foot that wriggles and the girl is all scrunched up in the top box. As a child and being so close, it looked REAL and even today I am amazed that this girl could pull her body up into such a small box so quickly. One of my oldest buddies at the factory always had but one explanation for all such people that do allusions; THEY ARE DEVILS!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was what he was educated to believe for everything he did not understand.

The Bible would suggest this: Anyone with the "faith" that allows the bending of metal, could just as easily tell a mountain to move and it would. From what I have seen of these guys in the past, I am 99% convinced the video is fake. Not that such things can't be done, but those that display such powers publically, are always fakes and always proven over time once their secrets are exposed. For many, many years the fake preachers have been exposed, the ones that attract thousands of people($$$$$$$$$$$$)with "fake" healings, fake Hand Operations that remove disease/tumors..Many times these thieves/deceivers are proven 100% fakes, but it makes zero differance, the weak minded travel to them from afar and throw their $$$ at them in exchange to see amazing tricks where the ill have their tumors removed by a hand and not a knife, those that can't walk, get up and out of their wheel chairs and dnace, etc., etc. Again, not that such things can't happen, just that those that are in the public's eye are fakes.

God does not allow those who "deceive"; have powers.. Just as we have dozens of authors making millions selling books that claim anyone can be a claravoyant or experience out of body instantly, etc. and YOU don't have to be a pure person, only a person that will give me some $$$$$ for my book that will give you the secrets... The fakes are EVERYWHERE! Their tricks are amusing. Hopefully people see such things as amusment only.


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