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My story, my odor and BB
hoorayz Views: 6,818
Published: 17 years ago

My story, my odor and BB

I am also a victim of bad Body Odor and breath. It all began when I was still 13, now 17. I first planned to carefully explain everything that has happened during these 4-5 years, but there's so much to tell that I can't really. And I'm not sure if I even want to because it's really painful.

But if I explain shortly about my 8th and 9th grade.
First, mold problem in our house which persisted for 2 years until I moved out. I also had terrible body and hair odor and bad breath. I smelled very rancid and acidy. It was a smell that could be detected from meters away. People would refuse to sit next to me, covering and scratching their noses, tears coming from their eyes, their voices changing like they had a flu. And their eyes. Some people had incriminating eyes like if they thought I hadn't washed for weeks, some wanted to run 100 meters away from me and some were like they felt pity on me. Especially one teacher's. His eyes were full of pity, and never once he showed feeling uncomfortable around me even though he had trouble with his voice.

I remember this one occasion when I was in a classroom and I had a shirt on that had been in my closet for few days. There was a girl behind me sitting, and she coughed for 20 minutes nonstop before I understood that it may be my fault that she's coughing. I then took off my shirt and she stopped. She didn't cough anymore.

And my hair. It smelled really bad even though I showered daily and washed my hair well. The smell would actually stay on my hand if I touched my hair. It's unbelievable how bad it was.

On 9th grade I started to have problems with my breath. I remember eating even soap at school to fix it because I didn't have any gum with me. Well it didn't help of course and I felt sick for several days.

9th grade in general was a disaster. I was absent for over 400 hours almost solely because of this, I couldn't get myself to go there. I isolated myself from my friends who I still somehow had, and stopped going outside during breaks, which you are not allowed to do. Also my migrane got much worse, I had to start taking medicines. Luckily they let me stay inside because I said that it gets worse if I go out. It's true that during winter it's awfully bright and my eyes can't really take it, but I would have gone there if I didn't smell so bad.

Also once I remember going down the stairs where our jackets are, and I saw how my friends were smelling my jacket and doing gestures and laughing how it smelled bad. And it was bought just a week earlier. I immediately rushed back and pretented I did not see that. It felt really bad.

Then once I had to go to another classroom. There was something I had to do and I was ordered to sit on a empty console. The guy behind me obviously didn't like the idea and he put his legs on the chair. After few minutes of "fighting" and teachers screams he finally allowed me to sit. He backed away from me.

Every day for two years was a struggle. I thought everything would get better after getting out from my home and starting high school in a place no one knew me. How wrong was I, again.

So my first year in high school.
First weeks were ok, I didn't really smell anything weird. But then slowly I began smelling something. It was my hair and body again. Luckily my clothes remained rather normal because I was living in a new apartment.

Although I think I didn't smell as bad as before, it was still enough to scare people away.
Once we were supposed to read something in small groups, and there was a girl sitting next to me who was just reading for us. She started losing her voice and her nose started to drip. She said "f**k it smells in here". She kept reading for few minutes and said again "it f**king smells in here". Then another guy in my group responded "It's __(me)___". God I felt anxious. I wanted to jump out of the building. After all it had never been said right to my face. On one occasion when I was going down the stairs I heard how someone I didn't know said "damn ___'s breath smells f**king bad". I had tonsil stones, but although I got my tonsils removed it didn't help but only ~30 percent.

Well, I couldn't take school anymore so I stopped going there. I was absent for few months and I had developed a panic-like disorder. I couldn't wait in lines in shops anymore and I couldn't go outside during daytime really. Once I felt so bad that I called our school nurse and she took me to the local health center. From there I was taken to an adolescent psychiatry policlinic (I am not sure what this is in english) and I stayed there for a night. I was prescribed Depression medicines(SSRI) and they booked me a visit for a psychologist.
I ate the medicine for few months and went to see the psychologist few times without greater help. Thanks to the SSRI medicines my panic-like disorder and anxiety disappeared. During that time I stayed mostly in my own room, in my apartment. I quit the medication too because I felt I no longer needed it and it had taken almost all sexuality.

My first year in high school ended and I stayed at home during summer. There I tested all kinds of stuff on me and on my hair. For example, washing powders, lighter fluid and different kinds of brushes. I found ligher fluid effective on my hair and I used it for few months every once in a while. Some of the odor went away.

Now I am on my 2nd year of high school, and I have been running on from doctor to doctor. Mainly due to my Acne and bb problem. But this is where the good part starts. I know how to beat the bad odor in my hair and possibly in my body. I have done a lot research on this and I have come across one other person who has the same problem. He, unlike me went to see a doctor. He was prescribed Roaccutan medicine which is normally used against severe Acne and it worked for him. I got it too for my Acne (I did mention my bad hair smell but the doctor kind of ignored it) and it does seem to work. My hair doesn't smell nor my body. I've been using this for only few weeks but I can tell the difference. Everyone should try it out.

This is my story, small bits of it. And it has been tough. But hey I'm still here!

What I have noticed people do when you smell:

*smell their own clothes and breath, take gums and mints
*put hand in front of their nose
*try to avoid looking directly at you, look up and sides like they were bored
*move away from you
*scratch their noses
*problems with their voice

It's funny how I still don't know if there's something wrong with my Body Odor . I don't smell anything myself but I'm sure my breath smells terrible. I'm going to see a girl I met on the internet in one week and if something bad happens(odors) I don't know what I should do.

Here's a list what I have and what has helped me battling against them.

* Migraine * Beta blockers
* Hair * Lighter fluid, Vinegar, Roaccutan, hair dying(takes the smell away for ~one week

* Bad breath * I have had my tonsils removed but to no avail. I have tried differends kinds of mouthwashes but to no avail. I believe it may be acid reflux. I'm going to see a doctor about this soon. Scraping your tongue helps well though. I also use my toothbrush to clean the back of my throat. It feels bad but helps me to get all the sticky slime out of my mouth. Mouthwashes might help a little bit so I use them too just in case. Gum. Need to be careful that your mouth doesn't get too dry though.

* Body Odor * Possibly Roaccutan too, hard to say. I haven't tried liver or kidney cleansing yet, what should I do because I can't order anything? I can hardly support myself now. I read that olive oil is used in some recipes?

Anyway, I want to thank you that you and this forum exists. I thought I was the only one to suffer from things like these. Oh and yes, I think it's coming from all over my body.

*Edit: I took a lot of Antibiotics when I was younger due to the mold problem, I had a lot of flues.
Also about the body odor, it did get worse when I sweat. I started feeling a little dizzy and hot, then my hands and face felt dry and I would smell something awful in my hands and all over me. But usually it helped if I washed my hair or took a shower.

I think my problem's fixed now at least for 6 months or so, I don't know what happens after I stop taking these. We'll see.

Yours, Hoorayz.

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