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hey you guys with underarm odor , try this!
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Published: 17 years ago

hey you guys with underarm odor , try this!

You are right to suspect that your increased Body Odor is due to stress. The Body Odor is caused by bacteria already present on your skin but the bacteria thrive when the body's metabolism is not in balance. In your case, stress is a primary factor and the general remedies of caffeine reduction, odor eaters and zinc don't always completely remedy the odor. They are more like band aids masking the odor instead of curing it internally.

Another reason could be digestive upset. A lot of people get increased and highly pungent Body Odor when they have an illness such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This occurs because the bacteria in the gut is not being processed and its coming through the skin and working with the bacteria already present on the skin causing a foul odor.

I first recommend a full body detox. I have a program where for 14 days you allow your body to completely detox. The first 7 (seven) days you would take a tea 3 (three) times per day to detox your liver. This is the first organ you want to clease because it is the Master Detoxifier of your entire body. The next 7 (seven) days you would take a tea to cleanse your kidneys. These watery organs are the Master Eliminators of your body and will flush the remaining toxins through and allow for better absorption. I will leave my email address at the bottom of this response if you would like to contact me for further information. You can go to a health food store and purchase some capsules to detox but in cases of stress and internal disorders it is better to take a tea internally. It absorbs into the blood stream faster and begins to work on a better molecular level.

Begin to add a supplement of Probiotics to your diet such as Acidophilus. Probiotics are the "good" bacteria found in the intestinal tract. When we become ill, stressed or are on Antibiotics , these good bacteria are destroyed allowing for intestinal flora upset. Taking Probiotcs helps to strengthen the good bacteria and keep it heavily populated which allows for better digestion and faster heal time. Probiotics are the live cultures found in yogurt. If you enjoy yogurt, eat one a day and you will have the same effect. You could also eat a yogurt and take the supplement as well. I think this would benefit you in the long run and help reduce the additional bacteria possibly causing the odor.

After you eat, take a Fennugreek capsule. You can puchase this from any health food store. This will also aid digestion and allow the food to flow steadily. It will help to expel excess gas not allowing it to remain in the stomach and intestinal tract.

I also make a tea 2 (two) teas for this condition. The first is called "Stress Relief", its a warm, relaxing tea that helps to relieve tension and helps the body to unwind when in a stressful situation. This tea may be helpful to you later after you have remedied the body odor situation. The second tea, "BO Be Gone!" is a specially formulated blend for excessive body odor conditions. It contains a variety of herbs that help clean the system internally and greatly reduce body odor. You would take this 3 (three) times per day until your condition has subsided.

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