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Published: 16 years ago
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"WHY" do you always want to claim I am name calling ?

"ALL" I am doing is presenting the Facts !

"IF" you continue to Deny this Fact, then I can easily pull up supporting info from your own posts to Prove this issue, unless of course you remove all of your posts as you have tried doing some in the past when confronted with this same issue between us !!

It is you who have been going around to different forums and adding a hint of negative about the Alkalizing suggestions which I and others may suggest for others to learn to help themself !

"WHY" do you continue in this manner of a witch hunt, just because you earlier were corrected for sticking your foot in your own mouth one to many times in discussions with me , because you did not understand the subject you were claiming to have answers for ,and thus providing False info as answers to solve problems for people, when you yourself have not been able to solve your own problems ?

"IF" you would choose to dis-continue this Line of False info providing and negative posts about the suggestions which have been solving many problems for many people, then you may find me not addressing you in this fashion !

I understand that it is very hard for anyone to change their ways, but we would not have this problem, "IF" you would use a little effort to stop posting your negative comments as you seem to have a Habit of doing !

For I have left you alone for some time, but now you are sliding back into your old habits and thus time for Correction !

You would solve this problem by not making any kind of a comment in reference to questions people may ask about the suggestions which I have been providing !

Learn to let others make comments and save yourself the problems which follow your postings which may draw comments from me !

Surely by now you know what kind of comments you make, may bring correction from me which you do not like ?

"IF" you learn to not worry yourself about what may or may not happen because of any of my comments, then you may remove yourself from making any comments and drawing you into my cross hairs !

Is this not what you claim to want ?

"WHY" is it so hard for you to refrain from reading comments relating to "ANY" of my suggestions, "IF" you so strongly dis-agree with me ?

Your idea of trying to warn people of possible dangers of any comments I may make, "ONLY" set you up for more Correction from me !

You have some choices to make !

Are you going to make choices which will bring peace and happiness to you, or are you going to make choices which may draw problems to you ?

Smile Tis your choice.


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