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Re: Lime-Answer From The Expert
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Lime-Answer From The Expert

Who should we believe?

Hi Infinitelove,

I am "ONLY" answering to this "DECIEVED" person's post because you have requested it!

As it does not Really "command" any reply for as to it's Foolishness !

Answers in (-- --)

Subject: Re: Lime
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Date: 9/24/2006 7:30:41 AM ( 7 h ago ) Size: 1386 char.


(-- What does it Kill besides the Acids which may Dissolve your Bone structure away when your Lymphatic system may become too Acidic ?--)

the cause for old age and stiffness, loss of circulation and for these reasons,

(-- "IF" this were True, then How is it possible for all of the people who have been reporting Great benefits solving some of the above mentioned problems, by using the Lime water with the Alkalizing drink,as in their Testiminonals stand as Proof as to the Positive Results they have Recieved by use of the Lime water, Are these people "ALL" "LIARS" ?--)

big brother poisons the foods with it and the Bible warns of this,

(-- where does the Bible state that Lime will Poison a person ?--)

that they will poison us by our breads.

GOOD LIME comes ONLY from the TREE/BUSH. The rock lime is eaten by trillions of bacteria for thousands of years, then absorbed via the tree roots, then the sun works on this for a season and the finished product is the fruit of the tree with ORGANIC LIME.

(-- so just what is Inorganic Lime ?--)

(-- This person is "SO" Blind themself that they may not be able to even Help themself !--)

(--And the Reason for this may be that they do not even understand the "smallest" bit about even Basic Chemistry !--)

(-- Back to the question involving his comment that it needs to be Organic Lime ? Lime is Calcium Carbonate, anything which has Carbon attached to it is considered Organic ! So any Lime may be Organic, but the Element of Calcium may not be considered to be Organic !--)

To skip and consume direct lime,

(--By taking Lime water with the Alkalizing drink , it is then reacted with the Complexed Carbohydrates of the Blackstrap Molasses and now is an Organic Complexed Calcium !--)

may seem good in the beginning, but soon causes premature death via loss of circulation.

(--How does it cause premature death by Loss of circulation, when the circulation problem of flack build up in the blood veins may be because the Blood was too Acidic and this Result caused the body to try to protect it's self by Robbing Calcium from the Bone structure to neutralize this Excess Acidity and thus this may have been the Cause for the Flack build up in the Blood veins, but the Root Cause of the Blood veins having problems in the first place was because the body may have been Too Acidic in the first place and the End result was a rescue attempt by the body to add more years to your Life by finding some Calcium to Neutralize this problem of Excess Acids ! Whereas "IF" the Lymphatic System of the body had not been allowed to become so Acidic in the first place, then the blood may not have become too Acidic and required this process of the body, for Rescue attempt to save your Life for a little longer !--)

THIS IS WHY most people where I do a seminar opens op their kitchen cabinets and pitch all of their calcium vitamins and crap with added calcium or enriched calcium or calcium fortified, etc.

(--But of course MH would not tell them to throw out any of "HIS" products which "HE" Sells, now would he for he is in the for Profit business, first and foremost for himself , just read some of his Posts, "IF" you do not believe me ?--)

SAY NO TO LIME............. Coral Calcium is one of the worse products, in that your eating creatures that built their homes out of lime and their little structures are VERY SHARP and can cut the kidneys, etc.

(--This whole idea that this Lime may have sharp edges which are going to Slice and Dice your body up may be as "SICK" as the rest of His Rant ! For I would like him to show me or anyone else where the body has augers and elevators and dump trucks and the like to move the lime from the Digestive system into "ANY" other part of the body ! For the Digestive system may be the place where the foods are processed by the body and then their Electro-magnetic Energy is released and this Electro-magnetic Energy is moved thru-out the body at the Speed of Light to the organs needing repair, and then Slowed down again to reform Matter and rebuild the different organs of the body in Place ! So, just how, when this Lime is turned into Electro-magnetic Energy, is it going to Slice and Dice these organs of the body with sharp edges, when it is in the form of Electro-magnetic Energy ?--)

Eating Meat is second hand lime, the cow/pig already used the lime or was fed allot of lime in its feeds and passes the bad lime to the one who eats their dead body.

(-- Of course most people do not eat Live animals, except one family in the Hills of Tennesse who had this pig which was so Valuable because it had saved different family members from great tragedy, like saving Betty Sue from the pond one time when she was about to drown and then the other case where it saved Billy Joe from the House when it caught on fire and this pig ran in the house and saved him from the fire, so this Kind of valuable Pig you "ONLY" eat it one Leg at a time, thus the reason this Pig has a Wooden Leg now , because the family got hungry one day and this Pig then saved them from this great hunger ! We needed some Humor at this point !--)

This is why it was written that the average American dies with over 900X too much lime in the body, LIME BEING THE NUMBER ONE KILLER in the civilized world, or simple put, it makes a great population controller!

(--Have not you got the info mixed up ? Most people have Lost their Bone Structure, it is called Osteoporosis in case you didn't know, because of their Body has gotten too Acidic and because of this the body Robs the calcium from the Bones to try to Neutralize the Excess Acids which may have Over-run the body, and this has now cause the Blood pH to become too Acidic and as a Last ditch effort to add a few more years to your Life, some of this Calcium now is needed to Neutralize these Excess Acids in your Blood, and as a Result, your Blood may now have a Build-up of Calcium Plack in the Blood Veins ! But, "IF" you would have provided enough Alkaline Minerals for your body to be able to Neutralize the Excess Acids in your Lymphatic System, then your Blood veins may not have gotten in such Bad shape in the First Place ! --)

(--With that said, I want to make it Clear that it may be best to get your Minerals which include Calcium from the food you eat, "IF" you are able to find enough Top Quality foods to eat, but as some of you who have gotten refractometers and are finding that the Quality of Most foods is so Poor that you may need to find other ways to Supplement your Lack of the Needed Alkaline Minerals for your body !--)

(--Smile Tis your Choice. --)


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