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Re: MH, What is Vertigo ?
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: MH, What is Vertigo ?

I have never had it. Never had anyone come to me asking about it. I assume the web has many medical explanations about it and what they believe is the causes.

I assume your talking about this:

Vertigo, or dizziness, usually results from a disorder in the peripheral vestibular system (i.e., structures of the inner ear). Dizziness also may occur as a result of a disorder in the central vestibular system (i.e., vestibular nerve, brainstem, and cerebellum). In some cases, the cause of vertigo is unknown.

Peripheral vestibular disorders include the following:

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV; most common peripheral disorder; may be accompanied by hearing loss, reduced cognitive function, and facial muscle weakness)

Cogan's syndrome (inflammation of connective tissue in the cornea; results in vertigo, ringing in the ears [tinnitus], and loss of hearing)

Meniere's disease (fluctuating pressure of inner ear fluid [endolymph]; results in severe vertigo, ringing in the ears [tinnitus], and progressive hearing loss)

Ototoxicity (i.e., ear poisoning)

Vestibular neuritis (inflammation of vestibular nerve cells; may be caused by viral infection)
Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo occurs when debris made up of calcium carbonate and protein (called otoliths or ear crystals) builds up in and damages the inner ear. Inner ear degeneration (usually occurs in elderly patients), head trauma, and inner ear infection (e.g., otitis media, labyrinthitis) can cause BPPV.

Some medications and environmental chemicals (e.g., lead, mercury, tin) can cause ototoxicity (i.e., ear poisoning), which may result in damage to the inner ear or the 8th cranial nerve (acoustic nerve) and cause vertigo. The damage can be permanent or temporary.

Long-term use or high doses of certain antibiotics (e.g., aminoglycosides [streptomycin, gentamicin]) and antineoplastics (e.g., cisplatin, carboplatin) can cause permanent ototoxicity.

Medications that may cause temporary ototoxicity include the following:

Anticonvulsants (e.g., phenytoin, carbamazepine)
Antidepressants (e.g., clomipramine, amoxapine)
Antihypertensives (e.g., labetalol, enalapril)
Loop diuretics (e.g., bumetanide, furosemide)
Pain relievers (e.g., aspirin)
Prescription and over-the-counter cold medicines
Quinine (e.g., chloroquine, quinidine)
Alcohol, even in small amounts, can cause temporary vertigo in some people.

Central vestibular disorders that may cause vertigo include the following:

Cardiovascular disorders (e.g., bradycardia [slowed heart rate], tachycardia [rapid heart rate])

Central nervous system (CNS) disorders (e.g., stroke, brain hemorrhage)

Head trauma

Migraine (30-50% of patients experience vertigo)

Multiple sclerosis (MS; may occur when demyelination affects the brainstem or cerebellum)

Orthostatic hypotension (sharp decrease in blood pressure upon rising from a lying or sitting position to a standing position; caused by diabetes, dehydration, and anemia)

Systemic diseases (e.g., kidney disease, thyroid disorders)

Tumors that affect the central vestibular system (e.g., acoustic neuroma)

Find a Neurologist

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