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Re: Was it a dream?
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Was it a dream?

Was it a dream? After 30 years I am still asking myself that question. I have had two experiences that make me wonder if there indeed are aliens around here.

The first occurred when I was in my middle teens. I was walking home after dark from a school carnival when I felt, more than heard a humming vibration. I looked up and saw a long, slender object in the sky that seemed to be the source of the vibrations. I could not see any wings on this "craft", nor did it have any flashing lights. Along the length of this thing were what appeared to be windows, there was a single row, square shaped, but the corners were rounded. They were lit with a peculiar yellowish light. The object was moving slowly; it seemed huge, but I remember thinking it was not as close as it seemed. I was a little frightened, even in my safe suburban neighborhood. I practically ran home. I told my mother what I saw and she told me not to say anything to anybody, they would think I was crazy. I doubt if I have told this story to more than three or four people in all these years.

The next experience happened a couple of years later and still remains vivid and frightening. I honestly don't know if it was real or a dream, but at the time it was very real to me. I was in bed asleep. This bed had a bookcase headboard and in the opening I had a clock radio. I was awakened because the electric cord was moving back and forth like the pendulum of a clock. There was a loud noise rather like the ticking of a clock, but much louder. My bedroom window was covered by cotton drapes and old fashioned Venetian blinds. At the top of the window I could see a bright white light flashing in rhythm with the ticking noise. I had this overwhelming sense that someone was watching me. When I tried to get up I could not move, I struggled and struggled but I was paralyzed. This went on for what seemed a long time. The ticking sound and the blinking light slowly faded away and I was slowly able to move.I never told any one about this experience. One reason was I doubted any one would believe me, the other that even writing about it now makes me relive the terror I felt. Not too long after that "dream" or experience I had another "dream". I was outside in my front yard when I could hear the ticking and see a flashing light. I was trying to run into the house, but could not move.

After I read about sleep paralysis, I tried to dismiss these things as dreams. However, I have never experienced sleep paralysis before, or since then. To this day I cannot stand the sound of a ticking clock, nor will I allow anything with an electric cord over my head at night.

Was it a dream or not? I honestly don't know. After reading the post below I have been reliving this horror after more than thirty years and almost a thousand miles away. Even now I feel I must post under my anonymous number and hide this experience from those who might think I was crazy. I have never spoken or written about the "dreams" before, and told very few about seeing the strange humming craft.

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