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Published: 18 years ago
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I didn't mean to step in for MH. Sorry about that. I surely don't know a fraction of his knowlege. I'm just very passionate about mercury fillings and teeth. So, when ever I hear someone talking about it, I can't stop myself from adding my opinion. I had over a dozen amalgam fillings removed. I blame my ill health and loss of a happy child hood to the mercury poisoning I suffered. It didn't have to be like that. I was a victim. So, I still harbor some angry emotions.

Hate to tell you what to do but, you should really try hard to get the mercury filling out of your daughters mouth asap. She'll be at a disadvantage in school work and at risk for illness. Dr. Huggins has so many stories of children becoming deathly ill when a filling is placed in the mouth of a healthy child. They come to him as a last hope to save their child, most recover when the filling is removed.

A famous example Dr. Huggins tells is the story of Rush Limbaugh. Rush was going deaf and the doctors didn't know what to do. They were calling it an auto-immune disease. Basically his immune system was attacking his ear drums, resulting in loss of hair folicals. The tiny hairs are needed to hear. As a last resort, his people called Dr. Huggins asking for help. Ole Doc told Rush to immediately pull 12 teeth to stop the disease. Why, did he tell him that? Those 12 teeh all had root canals. Root Canals harbor deadly bacteria. Rush was being poisoned by the root canals. Rush did not take Huggins advice and so Rush did finally loose his hearing.

We all have a choice. Choose to keep your teeth so you look pretty, but at what cost? Vanity? Yea, it's a very tuff decision to pull out half your teeth because some stranger told you to do it. It also goes against what traditional doc's tell us. It is better to lose your teeth to save your life. MH pulled all his teeth to save his life, and he's still very young. Most people would have taken them to an early grave. Show's you how wise he is. To learn more read, "The Root Canal Cover up" by Dr. Meinig.

Someone said eating pinneapple gave her a sore butt. My immediate thought was did she combine wrong foods with it? You can not eat pinneapple with vegetables or meat.
Clash of the titans. P-apple is chock full of strong enzymes and acid. Eating an acid food with a protein food is bad. Acid fruit inhibit the the flow of gastric juice thus interfere in the digestion of proteins(meat) resulting in putrification. Furthermore, acid(fruits) -starch(vegetables) combination are indigestible since ptyalin is nuetralized by the acids. P-apple should only be eaten alone or with other acid fruits.


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