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Motivation? - Do this in the name of someone else...
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Published: 17 years ago

Motivation? - Do this in the name of someone else...

Disclaimer - May be a tad preachy :)

Ok I've been in the same boat as all of you. Can't get past Day 3, mind games, sickness, intense cravings. It took me a good 3 times to make it to 10 days, and I've since completed 3 fasts.

As I read all of the posts of "failure" and cheating, I see all of the trials I went through as well...

But think of this... why are we doing this? I'd say the main reasons are vanity coming in first, and health running a distant second (most cases). Do you realize how spoiled we are? We starve ourselves for one day and then "just HAVE to have" that popcorn in the cupboard or that gourmet lasagna in the freezer. We have the food if we want it and we are all just too lazy to stay away. But it is there... taunting us. Then we complain and moan and blame it on some outside force or our minds controlling us. We are all just too lazy. But what a great feeling to just be too lazy.

Now imagine you are a person in Africa that has one sliver of bread allocated to them for an entire day. Instead of being "tortured" by having to drink syrup and lemons for an eternity of 10 days, they have the privelege of drinking dirty sewer water infested with people's secretions. This as we sip our Evian and jones for Chinese food.

Yes, it is easier to not think about that and live in our own little worlds of "pain" and hell as we strive to look thin and beautiful (no doubt some are doing this for health reasons. I personally started this out of pure conceit). Yet some of your fellow people have no choice in this. Their 10 days is a lifetime.

Everytime you think of caving, feel sorry for yourself, curse those thin beautiful people, or lose hope, think of a baby miles away from you who would give her right arm for clean water and a refrigerator full of vegetables to look foward to eating when her "fast" is over. I know everytime I did, I berated myself for being selfish and lazy and weak. I originally just thought of these victims. Now, I am doing more and sending a little bit of monetary aid when I can. Even if it means I have to go without my organic spinach.

Use whatever you need to motivate you in this hard journey. I in no way mean to say one motivating force is better than another. I just know from experience that when I moved beyond myself, beyond wanting to look good in a swimsuit or wanting to impress my bf's parents, the fast had a deeper meaning and all of my earlier temptations never reared their ugly heads.

I didn't do it all for myself... I wasn't thinking just of me... I was doing it for someone else... I was honoring them, even if it was with just a thought and a prayer.

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