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Re: wheatgrass

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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: wheatgrass

Thank you for your kind remarks. I don't know if I will go on further. I went into nursing so I could help people to heal. I wanted to help, teach and educate others on how they could heal themselves. Instead, I found out that Nursing school teaches you what the medical field wants you to say and do. They want programed robots, who will push tests, x rays, mammograms, cat scans, and medications and look out for abnormal family dynamics. I had an instructor say that she would never go through chemo or radiation for cancer, yet we are taught that is the only cure. They do not teach you how to heal your body. They say juice fasting and colonics are witch craft, but they don't know where the word pharmocopia came from. They teach us that medications are all posion, yet they are good for us in small doses. I would be afraid to continue on with a BS or masters in nursing, I would be afraid that I would accept their indocteration. If I could I would love to be a naturopathic doctor like Dr. Shultze. I admire his knowledge and inspiration that he offers to everyone. He has touched so many lives and has help heal many by sharing his knowledge in a way that everyone can understand. I pushed myself through college because I have two children to support and so much time put into the prerequesites. If I would have known what medicine is really about, I would have chosen another field. Now I am wondering were I could even find work. My values say look in another field or find a holistic hospital or clinic, if one exists. I have contacted a few that I have found only to find no openings. I have been critized on my resume for taking a theraputic touch class and Dr. Christopher's herbal courses. I am working on becoming a master herbalist. They recognize that I am aware of the harmful effects of medications and that herbs can heal. During a class discussion the teacher said what would you do if you have a patient with ketoacidosis.(its ok to posion them with coal tar dyes and other toxins) They said the quickest thing was to give them a coke or pepsi to bring them out of it. I raised my hand and told them that coke is one of the most acidic things you can drink and wouldn't it cause more harm to already acidic ph. They just said well they need the sugar and sodium that it has and that it works like electorlytes. She did not even address the phosphoric acid and the carbonic acid. We are taught to bow to the mighty dr.s. If you are a patient in the hospital, you are fed the same foods that put you in the hospital. Cancer patients are fed high fat diets full of bacon. Don't they know what nitrates do. Cancer patients are not allowed fresh fruit or vegies or juices. I don't know how to continue on with my education in that field. Nursing school was so political. If you said the wrong thing you were out. Your required to act like a puppet and agree with everything they say in nursing school, even if they are wrong. It is like being in the military. They tried to break fellow students and make them cry and drop out. I was critized for bringing my wheatgrass drinks to class, for taking echineacea, and brain formula tinctures, but I did it anyway inspite of their remarks. I was weird for not drinking coke, coffee, and smoking like the rest of the crowd. Wheat grass gave me enegry and health. I did not realize these things right away. In fact, I did not know this until half way through the nursing program. I thought the medical system was out to help the people. I was wrong. You don't want to go there unless you have an emergency. I have something wrong with me and the medical system did it to me. I have symptoms of MS ever since I took the Hep A. and B vaccines required for college. The last time I went to the Dr. they just said oh you may need steroids or surgery. I asked why on earth would they want to suppress my immune system leaving me open to opportunistic infections and cancer. What would they operate on if they did not know what was causing my condion. They just shruged their shoulders and said well you have to make a choice. My choice is to fill my head with all the positive input that I can find. To heal with herbs, raw foods, and juices. To detox my system with colon cleansing, liver flushes, and parasite cleanses. I don't mean to sound terrible. If you have a broken bone it's ok to go the the Dr. or if your hurt in a car wreck. Other than that I don't see much use for them. It is just that I have seen too much.

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